The absence in the market place

Lazy Bushman

Apr 17, 2022
I guess in the absence of a statement from Nosler, we are left with the enjoyable past time of reflective conjecture. Their bullets are very good quality though these days a number of other manufacturers have improved to the same level if not above (IMO), however they have managed to do so in greater numbers and at a significant discount at the register. I use my Noslers more sparingly these days. Maybe whatever has been holding them back from maintaining pace with the competition will be no more, but for a lot of people, once you've made a switch, they often don't fully go back....


Aug 16, 2011
I have a couple of " notify me when back in stock " requests at midway . I was notified this past Friday products are no longer available .
these requests would be for 6.5 cal 100 and 120 grain ballistic tips


Nov 25, 2013
How many of these companies have military contracts that they are struggling to meet? May be be impacting delivery to civilian markets.

I know that recruiting and retaining employees has been difficult since the beginning of the pandemic, and does not appear to be easing at all since the pandemic has settled down...many local companies here are reporting that they aren't even interviewing anymore...someone shows up and are ready to work, they get paid for everyday they show up. Period.
Any many are reporting that they can't even get poor candidates to apply, let alone quality candidates with relevant training, education and/or experience.