three lessons learned this week...


Jan 31, 2021
Context: Last weekend was the opening of muzzy season. I had found a good rub line in a part of our lease where nobody had been. Opening day I set up properly based on the morning's wind and chose to sit on the ground in the hardwood due to leaves and field of view. Around 8:30AM comes a nice buck at 80 yards, he doesn't know anything about my presence, my gun is rested perfectly still on my knees, he stops, and I pull the trigger. I didn't hear him run after the shot. When the smoke cleared I expected him to be right there. But he wasn't. No blood, no hair, no deer. One hour later I gave up. I was so tore up about the presumed miss that I headed to the range. My muzzy has never missed...

Lesson #1 - Nikon scopes do break. At the range I wasn't able to hit paper at 100 yards. My scope wouldn't hold any zero. This 2-7 Prostaff has been shot 50 times or so on my .50cal CVA an it has been flawless. But it was scope failure. The last shot 2 days before was a half inch high at 100, opening day - who knows where it went?

Lesson #2 - A good way to check the glass on a scope is to look at the moon outside of town when there is no humidity. I took an older Bushnell Elite and put it on my muzzy. I was waiting to walk in the next morning and started fiddling around by looking first at Venus, then the moon. I have no idea why I did this. Seeing the craters and shadows so clearly on 10x was amazing. That older Bushnell glass is superb to anything else I have. That is going to be a new litmus test for me going forward.

Lesson #3 - That glass really is all that. This weekend I had a massive 6 beating up trees and making scrapes across the power lines from me around 70 yards. There were briers between us and I wouldn't have seen him if I hadn't seen the trees bending over. It was after sundown and behind the deer were dark hardwoods. All I could see were tines, mass, and the occasional nose. It was a sight I won't ever forget. You couldn't see it without the scope, but with the scope it was crystal. No advertising video could capture what I got watch Saturday night. Glass matters.

3 lessons learned in the first week of muzzy season, all around my optic.

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Wow, thats spooky. we were commenting during a recent "public sight in" at the gun club how weird it is that some people we see annually and they only carry that rifle once a year and its "Off" some how when the next sight in rolls around. Maybe thats how... Sorry you lost the shot- you'll have another chance. As you note, the better part was the show you got to see through the Bushnell. Thanks for sharing. CL
Any item made by man can, and will, fail; and mostly at the most inopportune time!

For most of us, we repair the item, or replace it with a better quality product, so that we mitigate the chance that we do not repeat the failure.