turning out the lights / Kansas 2017


Aug 16, 2011
I was going through some old trail cam SD cards , when I ran into these pics .

I thought it was neat to catch this on my trail camera .
a picture story of my 2017 Kansas deer hunt . I couldn't control an itchy trigger finger, I had already passed up much bigger that day .

it started out as any typical hunting day
MFDC7434 (2).JPG
MFDC7436 (2).JPG
MFDC7438 (2).JPG
MFDC7439 (2).JPG
MFDC7440 (2).JPG
MFDC7442 (2).JPG
pass the knife, please !
MFDC7447 (2).JPG
What rifle/caliber/load were you using?
Weatherby ultralight , Leupold 4.5-14 with the Boone & Crockett reticle , 7 rem mag . Hornady # 2830 154 sp . a mid load at 70.0 grains of RL26 powder ,runs the old school flat base bullet @ 3100 FPS from the 24" bbl .
I thought you guys might like seeing these pics .

I remember like it was yesterday , seeing the buck about 3 feet in the air . had his legs all pulled up tight to the body . hit the ground and one rear leg bounced up . I put my hands on my head and thought , what did you do , you passed up bigger this morning . still a good buck , and I'm happy to have him . that itchy trigger finger can be tough for me to control at times . when I quit getting excited , I'll stop hunting .