Upgrading the Striker


Mar 23, 2017
After a long day mulling over it , I ordered a new barrel from McGowens for my Savage Striker. When I bought the “handrifle” it was a 7-08. I could never get the outcome I was hoping for. The new barrel will be 14” and chambered in 25 Creed. 9 twist with a Douglas Silhouette contour. The main bullet I intend to use is the Barnes 100gr TTSX.
Took it apart to measure up the current barrel and in 12 weeks or so the new one should be here.
McGowen does have a 10% off this weekend , doesn’t quite cover the shipping🙁
I just staged a 257 roberts case next to a 6.5 creedmore case. I can’t imagine I’ll shoot my Roberts Barrel out but if I do I think rebarreling as a 25 creed has some merit. that being said I’m on my first cup of coffee and otherwise have nothing useful to add. These hand rifles are very interesting.
I have an older Thompson Center Contender That will put most untouched factory rifles to shame at reasonable ranges 100-200yds with a factory .222 Rem cal. barrel. The single shot hand guns are easy to carry and great shooters.
Cool! Looking forward to the range report, once it is put together.
My 14" 25 Creed uses 41.5 grains of H-4350, with a 210M, bullet is the 110 grain AccuBond. MV is 2726 fps and it is very accurate and it kills great.
Mine is a customized Pachmayr Dominator
Didn't "ultimate reloader" do a rifle in .25 Creed. If I recall correctly it was "scary" accurate. Course that shouldn't be surprising- its a step back towards the 250 Sav.;). (Aw C'mon- I havent for a while....:D )
Sweet setup. Looking forward to seeing it when you get the new barrel.

In my 16” barreled XP100 I've been getting excellent results with 100 grain ballistic tips and 100 grain matchkings with RL15 and more recently Staball 6.5. I haven't quite had the luck that Ernie and others have had with H4350 yet.
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Well made a little progress today. Still waiting on my headspace guage. So I spun the barrel on up to the bolt and backed off 1/4 turn to see how much I need to remove from barrel channel. Deepwell impact socket and sandpaper job done easily. I’m leaving a pressure point at the tip of stock because the dang thing is flimsy if free floated with bipod. Also I drilled out stock for pic rail to be mounted under the stock. Next up will be a paint job.
I’m hoping not. All my Weatherby Vanguards all have upward pressure on the stock tip and they are shooters.
I wonder if I can sneak another gun to my arsenal without my wife noticing. 😆 Those pistols are darned cool. It would be nice to get a 22 Creed or the 6mm Creed. Those pistols are neat. Any of those Creeds I would do.
Not related to this topic, I still have a 6.5 x 284, in short action, custom rifle in Rem. 700 built by Score High Gunsmithing back in the late 1990's. Super accurate rifle with a BR stock. Haven't sold it and still in a gun case, I could have a 22 or a 6 Creed chambered in that rifle perfectly since its a short action and convert the stock to a A3 or A5 McMillian and slap a new ATACR 7-35 on it. Just haven't thought about it either. I already have a 2nd 6.5 x 284 from GA Precision currently. The older rifle is on the back burner collecting dust. I just can't squeeze another rifle in my gun safe. :sick: