Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24


Apr 5, 2014
I’ve had limited experience with the Vortex line up but so far it’s all been good.
EuroOptic has these on sale for $319 with free two day shipping. Ordered on Monday and it was delivered on Wednesday.
Just saw a used one go for $500 on EBay plus shipping cost so somebody must think it’s a decent scope.

One thing to note is the center cross hairs are quite thin so may not be the best set up for older eyes. It does have illumination so that should help in a low light setting. Also this is a second focal plane scope with MOA set up.
They do make a mildot set up as well.
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I have several vortex optics and so far I can't say a bad word about any of them! From rds to rds (tube type) to 1-8's to med/long range scope to the 15-60 golden eagle all have been good performers.