What have you taken buffalo with?


Nov 25, 2013
Hey Dan, let's keep it going!

What have you taken buffalo with?
And we can include african and asiatic water buffalo to this group in order to get a wider audience...looking forward to seeing more medium and big bores in the replies! (Will use my 416 Taylor should I ever get the chance to hunt water or Cape buffalo)

Myself: 5 (20% with non-magnum cartridge)
300 Win Mag
338 Win Mag (3)
376 Steyr

Will be packing the 9.3x62 for the next opportunity!
If I ever get the chance foy buffalo -
Bison would be either the 338 RUM or 375 H&H
Cape Buffalo would be the 375 H&H

I took my one and only buffalo with a 375Ruger and a 260gr Nosler Partition bullet. I hit him twice in the crease before he decided to drop. You could actually feel the ground shake when he hit the earth.

I recovered both bullets in the off-side hide. They were picture perfect mushrooms that could have been used in Nosler's next catalog.
So far, just a camera:

But, am hoping to use my 45-70 on American plains buffalo within a few months. :)

Regards, Guy
My buddy Robert killed this record book in NW Wyoming with a 300 Win Mag.IMG_0034.JPG