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Nov 4, 2004
Post your 2019 Hunting Pictures here.
Good Luck to all this season!

Well we got 3 cows today. My buddy talked me into shooting long at a group of 8 or 9 we spotted. He missed and I connected at 1081yds. I never try to shoot that far but he has been Jonesing to shoot one over 1000yds for a few year so I got down on the bipod with him and after he missed I popped a calf. Then we ended up getting 250yds from them and my buddy and dad both shot realy big cows. My buddy and I both shoot 300wm's with 215 Bergers. Mine collapsed at the shot and my buddies ran 40yds or so before falling over. My dad shot the biggest cow with his 6.5 Creedmoor using 147 ELD-M's. It was quartering towards us and my dad crushed her with one shot.


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Congratulations! Three elk in one day sounds like an accomplishment to me. Good shooting.
Congratulations on your successful late season elk hunt and a great way to start off the new year.

Nice quick start to our 2019 hunting photos!

Congrats on your elk success!

Mine was a bit stiff by the time we got back to it so the posing wasn't very good. It took a while to chase the other 2 down and get them quartered up. A few elk legs in the old UTV.


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Went coyote calling on Saturday.

1st stand.



3rd stand.



No coyotes responded to the calls.
Here's my first success. Went predator calling in New Mexico mid January. Called up a few yotes but only a coupe came into the kill zone. This one fell to my new "cheapy" Rem 700 ADL .243 Winchester. 75gr Ballistic Tip and Reloder 16 at 3643 fps did trick. Along with a sly woodpecker.

20190121_110014 by Oren McConathy, on Flickr
I have heard of javelina coming in to a coyote call. No such luck,as the piggies ignored the calls. But,my son missed a coyote..... I did not! :)

My son and I.

My daughter and I.
Looks to have been a bit of a chill from the clothing. The fur looks to be full on that pup. Good job.
It was about 36* and that "pup" was full grown. We estimated her weight to be between 25-30 lbs. The fur was prime IMO,the other side,well,it would have been a bit of sewing if I keep the skins.

.25/06,100 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip at around 50-60 yards.
I was checking cameras on our property yesterday and there were coyote tracks everywhere. The cameras caught several images of coyotes, several during the morning and mid day. I got out to the property at 9:00 AM and parked the truck. It was 17* F. I grabbed my back pack and my AR-15 22 Nosler and headed for my ridge that over looks the creek. (The coyotes have been running up and down the frozen creek). I set up my old Fox Pro 416 and let things settle down. I started calling with an open Reed mouth call waited a few minutes and fired up the Fox Pro call.
After about 20 minutes, I caught some movement on the creek, Coyote. He cut in towards the call and ran past it about 20 yards and stopped. The cross hairs found the chest and I sent a 55 gr Varmageddon on its way. The coyote went straight down. If you look closely in the second picture, you confirm see the Fox Pro caller, about 4:00 from the coyote. He passed it about 15' away and stopped where he is at.