2019 Hunting Pictures

Those driven hunts look like fun. Congratulations

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Been a long time since I've been on the forum. Archery took over, however still enjoy pulling the boom sticks out and putting meat in the freezer.
I lucked out and snagged a turned in tag for the area I generally hunt, and my boy harvested his second elk this year, with my Dad along to share the experience - Freezer is full.


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Good to see the post. Congratulations to the family. Indeed, you have some find table fare pictured there. Beautiful mountain settings.
in Kansas we went 5 for 5 .

first day 10 point
1679 (1)_LI.jpg

first day 8 point , this is mine
1674 (1).jpeg

third day 7 point
1681 (1).jpeg

forth day 9 point , on his death run he got tangled up in a barb wire fence and broke one antler off , we found it .
1688 (1)_LI.jpg

sixth day 14 point , can't see a couple points in pic
1701 (1).jpeg
thanks guys , we had a good hunt . we even got home a few days early . this is S.E. Kansas . we were told by some that antler growth is down this year . they don't know why ,they said there was plenty of rain . maybe to much ??
SE KS, you say. Sounds as if you might have been hunting in the area in which I grew up. Out of curiosity, what were some of the nearby towns, Jim? I know that my natal area has some fine hunting around communities such as Altoona, Neodesha, Chanute and Independence.
Congratulations to 9x57, Powerstroke, Jimbires, and all the others who have posted here. I love seeing all of the happy smiles, the variety of game taken, and the great animals. I love reading the stories. I think that all game taken, whether or not they make P&Y or B&C record books are trophies in the minds of the hunters. Also, I believe that for a lot of us that a successful isn't defined by pulling the trigger but by sharing the outdoor experience with family and good friends. Again, congratulations to all the hunters, whether they pulled the trigger or not.

My wife with her very first deer. She killed it in Texas on Friday and she used a Winchester M 70 .243 Win and handloads using the 90 grain Sierra Gamechanger.


I killed a pig on Friday,also in Texas and I used a CZ 550 re-barreled to a wildcat .270 Ingwe using a handload using the 130 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip.

I also killed a nice Texas whitetail buck on Saturday using the above rifle and load.
Congratulations to both of you. Texas was good for you. Your good lady did well on her first deer! (y)

A 50kg Christmas pig. Happy holidays ! [emoji2]

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elkhunternm":3qq3pi19 said:
Yes she did! I will hear this "My buck is bigger than your buck" till the cows come home. ;)

And it'll be worth every minute to be able to share that time. Again, congratulations to both of you.
9x57":15m5e24m said:

A 50kg Christmas pig. Happy holidays ! [emoji2]

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And a fine looking porker it is! Congratulations.