22 Creedmoore??


Dec 2, 2010
Hey guys. It has been stressful at work so to stop my brain from overload, I started thinking about fun stuff. In talking to Scotty, he mentioned a 22cm with a fast twist to shoot the heavy bullets. I'm wondering if anyone has messed with one? I have a lead on a Savage 110 action in 30-06 for cheap. It is not perfect for the build, but It would work. Looking at a Criterion barrel. 24" with a 1:7 twist. The purpose for the rifle would be for range shooting and because I like to mess around with fun stuff. Any thoughts on this round and a build off the Savage action? My thinking is to try 88gr eldx bullets if it all comes together.

Nothing wrong with using a Savage for that build. I recently rebarreled my Savage Striker to a 25 Creed. If it wasn’t for that , my Marlin X7 was going to be a 22 Creed , but I put an other 30-06 barrel on it.
I would personally go with a 26” barrel for your Savage.
1-7 works great with 95gr Sierra match kings. Re26 is a great powder for it. The 22 creed is one of my favorite cartridges!