222 QL please?!


Nov 17, 2005
Have a special request on this one. Typically the 222 isn't loaded to the same pressures of a 223, and I believe the 223 case is based off the 222, so if they were both shot out of a good bolt like say a Rem 700, there should be no reason as to why you can't bump the 222 up to 223 pressures, kind of like the 280 and 270/3006. The 280 was/is never loaded like the others because of the semi auto rifle it debuted in. Just looking to see what QL predicts it's capable of. I've talked to a couple old timers who have confirmed and loaded the 222 to some pretty high velocities...

Anyway I'm looking at 3 powders I have on hand, the old standby IMR4198, and then IMR8208XBR and Benchmark. The latter 2 are not found in loading manuals for the 222, but looking at the powder burn rate chart, I think they should both work ok as they are super close to H335...

Barrel length is 24", OAL is 2.150" for all bullets, and I'd like to see what it shows for the 40, 50, and 55g vmaxs, at 223 pressures with IMR4198, IMR8208XBR, and Benchmark.

Thanks in advance.
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