270 WSM Powders


May 12, 2005
I currently have a load developed for my 270 WSM using H4831SC and 150 gn Part. Gold. I got an excellent group w/56.5 gn, but I would like to speed it up. Has anyone tried RL19? I'm thinking of trying it.
RL 19 works well with the caliber, but my powder of choice is Magpro.. Of course I only use 140 gr Accubonds, so Magpro is the appropriate powder for me.
I also have gotten good results with Reloder 19, particularly with 130 gr bullets. My best results with my winchester super shadow in .270wsm have been with Vihtavuori N-165 and the Nosler 140 gr AccuBond. I haven't tried Accurate Arms MagPro yet, but many have reported top velocities and good accuracy, too. If you haven't checked out http://shortmags.org/shortmags/ yet, you really should search their forums for lots of information on the various short magnum cartridges.