760 35 Remington.

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Dr. Vette":qp4ms2bd said:
Universal decapping die from Lee works great to remove the primers and then be able to reuse them if you wish. Safer than tapping on them with anything, and I use it all the time to deprime every single used case.

I hear what you're saying, and I do have one, though not a Lee. Like you I use it to de-prime every fired case. I like it.

My issue was de-priming them like normal in the press, then having to dig out the primers as not all of them end up in the catch tray.

I took the decapping stem out of my universal die and used it with a shell holder held in a vice. Couple taps and they were out. But I did wear glasses when doing so. This way I was able to put a clean paper towel underneath the shell holder to catch them, then I just dumped them onto my hand primer tray. Never touched them.

My Forster puts them down a tube into a plastic container.
If I deprime live primers, I remove the container and catch them with my hand. Nice and clean.
I killed my first buck with a model 760 in .35 Rem 57 years ago. It is a day I will always remember and one of those rifles that you wish you had never sold. I still have a .35 Rem in the rack but it is a model 141 Remington.
Wow, very darned cool!

Those 760's and 7600's are so accurate sometimes it makes me shake my head. My 280 and 35 Whelen will shoot right along with any of my bolt guns.