Another Veteran from America's "Greatest Generation" passes.


Sep 17, 2013
A former co-worker and friend of mine passed away last week. He was truly a member of America's "Greatest Generation".

Dan was born in 1929 and lied about his age to get into the Marine Corps in WWII. He started as what he called a "Ground Grunt". During ground combat he was bayoneted and went down. He said that as things "went black" he thought he died. However, a fellow marine dragged him off the battlefield to safety and medical attention. he woke up in a hospital and was surprised to find himself alive.

While recovering from his injuries his Commanding Officer found out that he had enlisted underage. He got called in and chewed out big time. However, he had by then reached legal age and the CO let him stay in the service.

At some point he become a pilot flying the gull winged Corsairs. I can't remember if he flew them in WWII or not, but I definitely remember him telling about flying them in Korea. He few a lot of night patrols.

He finished his career as a lab technician for Corning Incorporated. That is where I met him. During the time we worked together he lost his younger son to cancer.

Here is photo from July 2018 when a couple of us helped him put up his new Marine Corp flag.

Dan Jenkins.jpg

This is from the same day as he told us some of his flying stories while showing us a model of the Corsair.

Dan  Jenkins2.jpg

Damn, he was a good guy who served his country and his community. What a loss!

Sorry for your loss , sounds like he was a great guy.
My grandfather did the same , lied about his age to join the Navy.
Sorry for the loss of your friend. Thank you for Sharing his story. It what we must do, too many of us do not know or understand that kind of sacrifice. Lucky us... Thanks again. CL
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I have the upmost respect for our veterans. Sorry for your loss but great memories remain. Dan.
People have short memories regarding our freedoms and how we maintain them. We need men and women like Dan, here’s to hoping we don’t need to use them….Semper Fi