At the Range today with my son. :)

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
My youngest son drove us to the gun club today and we had a great time together! Each of us shot 50 rounds of 22 rimfire, then we switched to our 45 1911 Kimbers and shot some more. He did some rapid fire drills while I focused on sights and trigger discipline. I'm not as "tight" as I used to be and need this sort of practice. John and I used to shoot every week, but we've fallen away from that habit. Time to get back to it!

There's all fifty rounds of mine. 230 grain CCI Blazer "hardball" I need to tighten things up! This was at a mere 7 yards. I can do much better as can the pistol:

Glad the two of you spent time together, more than anything.
It's crazy how even though we have shot so many rounds, and know the pistol isn't going to hurt us, we still anticipate recoil...
Great story and great shooting. The country needs more of this type of activity instead of (non)-social media.
Looking good Guy. always nice to get out with your children and have a good time at the range.