Bear Hunting Article & Video

It was a good read, i bought my first ever bear tag this spring, was cold, wet and didn't get out but once or twice but here in Montana its good for the fall season too.
Excellent video, Guy. Fine summation of the hunt, which is undoubtedly one of my favourite hunts.
👍 you need to find a way to hunt bear over hounds. It’s an absolute blast. Everyone bags on it and thinks you’re just shooting a bear out of a tree and “how hard could that be?” Let me tell ya it ain’t that easy. That tree might be a mile or more in the woods and you better run before that bear gets it second wind And decides to run or fight. And bear grease is a good thing. Render it for cooking and your boots. There’s some older folks where I grew up that greatly appreciate rendered bear fat for baking and cooking. Check out Bear Grease podcast if you like bear hunting stories. Lots of info and fun stories.