Best powders to try for 6.5 creedmoor


May 13, 2020
Brand new to reloading for 6.5 creedmoor. Would like advice on powders that will make the 6.5CM shine. I want to try Reloader 16 but don't have any. Bullets I am going to try and work up loads for are the 120 gr Nosler ballistic tip, 129 gr Hornady Interlock, 140 gr Speer Hot-Cor and 143 gr ELDX. I have several powders on hand that I think will work just wanting to get some input from some experienced 6.5 CM reloaders (so I do not waste components). My initial goal is to find a deer hunting load with the 120 gr nosler ballistic tip. I have seen what the 120 gr ballistic tip will do out of 7-08 on deer and I think the the 6.5 caliber can be a deer slayer too.
H4350 is the only powder that I use in the 6.5 Creedmoor. Works great with 120 and 140 BT / 143 and 147 ELD's. Top pic was around 2 years ago using 140 Hybrids at 300 yards/ 3 shots. Bottom pic is with 120 Ballistic Tips @100 / 3 shots.
BTW, I's sure there are other powders that will work.

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The EASY button for most rifles and shooters of the Creed has been H4350. It should be quick and easy to find an accurate load with it. However, if you're looking to maximize velocity, nothing works better than RE26. I've found RE26 to be both fast and accurate in my 26" Browning.

For an all-out screamer load, and for a good laugh, I've been shooting 85gr Hammer bullets at 3,700 fps with Varget.
I’ve only worked with one, and that was for a friend’s son’s rifle, I used H4350 and the 129 SST, and it came together quickly. A 10 round ladder, loaded for the middle of the node (flat spot) and it was around 5/8 moa with good speed. Later the same rifle with the ELD-X with RL-15 and pretty much the same result. Good thing about the Creed is, it’s pretty much guaranteed you already have something on hand that will work well. I think I’d start with 4350. Plus it’s available with regularity.
I have attempted to start development with H4350 and Staball 6.5. First attempt with 4350 got a group barely over an inch. First attempt with Staball got a group at .805 inch. I think I have a decent place to start.
I have used RL17, Norma URP, Norma 203B, and Staball testing will restart next spring but RE17 was the one with highest velocity.