Buddy's 7-08??


Dec 2, 2010
My friend bought a new Tikka 7-08 and I'm helping him get started in reloading. Today we took his Starline brass and prepped it up and loaded up 10 rounds. This is where I hit some confusion. He has 130 Hot Cors and IMR4350 for his loads. Speer manual says, 46.0 gr for a staring load and 50.0gr for max. I suggested starting in the middle of the road just so we could shoot the rifle. I measured out 48.0 gr and it almost filled the entire case. From there, I looked at the Nosler manual and found data for the 120 and 140 gr bullets and split the difference. We settled on 43.0 gr for the starting load which worked okay. I shot a 1.5" 3 shot group with 2 touching and 1 out.

I'm wondering if anyone has used IMR4350 and the 130 Hot Cor in the 7-08 and what load worked best for them?

Here's how I do it, start at min and go up in 1/2gr increments until you find pressure signs. Then you can back off a half grain or full grain and work back down with some 3 shot groups a few 1/2 grain steps. With this process you know that you're getting the most velocity with that combo and then also if it's going to shoot groups at all. So with 20-25 shots, you should know if any powder/bullet combo is going to work for you.
I have found my Tikka 7mm08 likes the lower end of the powder charge on every bullet I've tried. 45grains of imr 4350 is getting close if not compressed in my lapua brass. That was a 154 interbond. That was last year so my old brain is a little fuzzy sometimes.