Did some 7-08 testing today


May 13, 2020
I had nine pieces of brass left in a batch that needed to be shot in order for me to resize all of the brass in that 7-08 box. So I decided to do a little velocity testing. I created three 3 shot groups with 3 different powders, R16, R17, H4350 with a 140 Nosler ballistic tip. I loaded each string at 1 grain below max. R16 gave me 2849 fps. H4350 was almost the same with 2851 fps. However R17 gave me an average of 2950 fps with 2 shots in one hole and the third was just a bit away from the other two giving me a 3 shot group of 0.895. This is my first try with R17 and I will definitely continue to experiment with it. I have some 140 gr Accubonds I plan to save for a possible 7-08 elk hunt. 2950 fps with a 140 gr AccuBond ought to kill the heck out of an elk. The 140 ballistic tip ought to kill the heck out of a deer.
Sounds pretty good. I'm at 2900fps with RL16 and 140gr E-tip. If RL17 works for you then cool but I wouldn't get too hung up on it personally. I was able to hit just short of 3000fps with RL16 just wasn't as accurate as I was wanting. I believe the same is probably possible with CFE223, Leverevolution and staball 6.5
From what I've read, I don't think I'd hesitate to use the 140 B-Tip on any elk I'm likely draw tags for. But if I could find Accubonds I would certainly use them. More is better, right?
Didn't try RL17 but did use the 140 AB on a deer and it expanded nicely creating an exit wound about the size of a quarter. Distance was 182 yds app. The 140 BT worked on deer and coyote very well also. Dan.
I spent a lot of time with the 7 odd 8 ... personal rifles to customers...
Imr4350 worked the best with 140 gr bullets
One particular rifle put 17 rounds into one ragged hole.
18th round would walk.
Clean bbl and right back in place.

This was all prior to Reloader 17 being introduced.
I've no Reloader 17 experience in the 7 odd 8

I can tell you that powder is a dream in the short mag.
Velocities buzzing right past the old 300 mag and getting around Weatherby territory with no pressure issues.

Reloader 17 is definitely a good formula where applicable
Interesting comments on RL17. I don't have a 7-08 but have shot a rifle so so chambered. My go to 7MM is a Winchester M70 Featherweight chambered to the Classic 7x57 cartridge. After playing with it I've found that I can use 7-08 data in that Winchester. I have a load using the 150 gr. Nosler Partition at 2847 FPS and groups run .75" most of the time Sometimes they're slightly smaller.

I have a large supply of the Nosler 150 gr. ABLR bullet but so far, none of my 7MMs like that one. I thought it might be a good match for the 7x57 bus so far none of the three I have shoot it all that well. My .280 Rem. absolutely hates it and I haven't tried in in a Ruger #1 7MM Rem. Mag. I have.

All the good comments about the 7-08 are making me think I may have to invest in one. I really need another rifle like I need a hole in my head. I'll just keep on fighting with the ABLR and the 7x57 until I get it whupped.
Paul B.
I bought my first 7-08 as a family deer cartridge. I was tired of taking a 243 and one my rifles (270,30-06 etc) when I would take my son hunting. I loaded it with 120 gr Nosler ballistic tips and the first season we had it it accounted for 7 deer. I shot one and my wife and son shot the rest. I went 7-08 instead of 6.5 CM because I liked the ballistics better and the .284 diameter would meet elk hunting minimum diameter in KY. I bought my second 7-08 and gave it to my son this year for Christmas. In my experience there may not be a more perfect combination of energy and recoil, suited for deer hunting.
140 AccuBond & IMR 4350 makes 2950 in a 22 inch mountain rifle
spectacular light combination I set up for my kid
but somehow it’s never in the safe he has access to ?
it followed me to several mule deer camp as back up & gets
the starting job after muscles get sore from packing 7stw on long hikes …lol
The original family 7-08 is probably going to become my go to deer rifle or at least a back up, and the one I got my son will be his for sure!!