Bullet Wish List for 2022

JD338[/quote]Man I’d be all over that 350 AB in .416
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I'd be on that list as well.


Same bullets I've been wanting for years....

6mm 55gr E-tip
6mm 70gr LFBT
7mm 100gr E-tip
7mm 120gr E-tip
7mm 180gr ballistic tip might be nice but I doubt If I'd switch from the 180gr Eld-m
+1 for 25 cal ABLR. If they make it where a 10 twist can stabilize it should sell well. Ideally would have another in higher BC that would work in 8 twist.

That market is coming; Berger has 135 Hybrid, Sierra makes 131 gr for Blackjack. Come on Nosler!
7mm - 175 grain AccuBond (not ablr)
.257 - 120 grain ABLR
.224 - 50/52 grain BTHP Custom comp

Bring back the .429, .451, and .458 Partitions.

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desertcj":l3dsh775 said:

Without a doubt, this is the BEST suggestion. It's not only the best for us shooters but probably the best idea for Nosler to increase their market share.
I’d be tickled if Nosler made some more 180gn BT in 8mm.

I haven’t seen those in quite a while now.

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A .416 cal 350 gr AB would be a winner!

Same as I asked for the last time...

240 grain 41 caliber handgun Partition.

Heck, even a 240 grain jacketed soft point would be nice if they make it tough enough to handle rifle velocities (1,800 fps and good weight retention), I'm sure that's easier to make since they seem to have given up on handgun Partitions.

I promise to buy at least 1,000 of them... maybe even more.

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41 cal 240 gr and 260 gr Partitions
.416 350 gr AB's
.358 220 gr FP Partitions
.375 220 gr FP Partitions
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Charlie-NY":2h3iwyjo said:
Redesigned E-tip bullets that don't generate so much pressure.

Hammer already did it for us Charlie :lol:

Actually the E Tips have a pressure band on them to reduce the bearing surface.

I would like to try a .308 130 gr E-tip. To be able to run my 308 win a little faster for better expansion at longer range.

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I like all the above, I'll add, I sure miss the old solid base bullets, specifically the 162 gr 7mm and the 60 gr 224. For something new I'd still like a 120 gr Ballistic tip .277. It would perfect for the deer in my neighborhood.