Christensen Arms = Impulse Buying


Sep 15, 2005
I have never been a fan of Christiansen Arms. Main reason being, is their carbon wrapped barrels will sometimes shoot wonderful, while others shoot terrible. WYSHOT had ended a day or two previously, and while I was trying to get things put up for my shoot, and get ready for my surgery I went over to the forum, that I’ve been on forever, and noticed a rear grip Specialty Pistol that was on sale. It grabbed my curiosity enough, to where I went over to eurooptic, and began looking at them.
As I looked at the feature in the sale price, I could hardly believe what I was seen. I realize that even if I got one of the bad girls, I’m not really out that much. None of these were in stock, but it was a pre-buy. Although untypical for me, I bought two on the spot:
Christensen Arms Modern Precision Pistol 6.5 Creedmoor 12.5" 1:8"
Christensen Arms Modern Precision Pistol .223 Remington 10.5" 1:7"
I emailed him after the purchase, and asked about what the wait time would be, and the gentleman said it would be 2 to 3 weeks before the first group came in. I don’t know whether mine was in that first group or not. The day, after that, I was telling a friend about the buy, and went to show him on their website, and they had closed down the sale. My guess is Christiansen arms with the arm brace issues ongoing, felt like they needed to unload them and offered a vendor an extremely low price. If you go and look up the regular price of these pistols, they are quite pricey.
One of the first things I will do when they come in, is have a friend cut off the back of that tab/tang that is designed to allow someone to put an arm brace on it. I don’t have any use for an arm brace.
I will shoot both pistols as is and see what accuracy I can get out of them.
If the 223 Remington doesn’t shoot good, I will throw a 20 tactical barrel on there that will finish at 15 inches, and I will tear up prairie dogs with that.
If the Creed girl doesn’t shoot to my satisfaction, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that yet.
The two pictures are ones I just snatched off the web IMG_2302.jpeg
Has anyone shot these yet?
They appear to out of stock without backorder now. For $799 it seems to be a deal for the action itself.
That notice popped up the day after (maybe 2-days after) I pre-ordered mine.
I thought it was a great deal, for what I am getting.