Early deer season


May 26, 2018
Our season for roe deer and young red deer started first of April.
I was out a few times and saw some roe. But we are only allowed to shot 1 year old bucks this year and until May 15th 1 year old does.
I saw a few good bucks - but our three year limit for older bucks was reached last year. No yearlings where I was 100% sure.
Today I saw a single doe. I watched her for 30 minutes and was quite sure she was a year old and not pregnant.
But didn't want to make a mistake.
She even passed directly under my seat until decided she was legal.
Then, at 50 yards it was an easy shot.
First thing I did was to look at the teeth, because one changes significantly between 12 and 15 month. Yeah she was legal.
I hunt roe for 13 years now, but it is still a relief to know that she was right.
Small deer (the roe), just around 30 lbs field dressed, which is normal.

6,5 Creedmoor with Lehigh bullets from a savage Storm


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Congratulations on your doe. That should make for some fine dining.

Congratulations. You were very diligent in your selection and justly rewarded. Enjoy the meals. Dan.
They are indeed a small animal. However, I'm certain that they provide some tasty dining. Congratulations.
Thanks guys!
Yeah, they are small but among the best meat I ever had. The bigger ones are slightly above 40 lbs here, which is still smaller than a fallow calf in September...
A few days in the cooler and then the boys will come for the weekend. Guess I have to fire up the BBQ.
Congrats! I was gonna ask how they taste, but that was answered. Good deal.

Man I'd hate to have the pressure of determining age on a doe. Especially at 1 yr. Older mature whitetail doe, sure. But a yearling over/under for sure? Man that would be tough. Especially without other deer to compare them to.

I've noticed in our rifle season which is pretty much after the rut is over, there are a few straggler yearlings still coming in late heat..........that a lone small deer is 99% of the time a button buck.