H4831 vs H4831SC


Apr 16, 2007
has anyone notice a performance difference between the two? Hodgdon manual says they are the same.
I know the H4831SC gives a better load density But I think I have enough room in my case for the normal H4831.
My local supplier is out of H4831SC but has a bunch of H4831.
Can they be interchanged with no worries other then using normal load practices when switching from lot to lot?

I have not seen a difference between 4831SC and the older powder 4831. I am loading this for a .264 win mag. been using 4831 forever...
The only difference as I understand it is that the SC was designed to work through powder measures better (which it does). The longer grains do not feed well at all in some measures. Thats my 02 :grin:
They have performed identically for me. Like everyone else I rushed to get the newer SC version but have now switched back. Ideally you want about 100% loading density. If you have sufficient case capacity for the H4831(long) you are probably better off.

Now how about that SSC super-short cut ??????????
The "SC" stands for Short Cut. I have never noticed a difference between either powder dut I don't think I would mix them.

Going to the range Saturday morning to try out some more loads in my 270 wsm with H4831SC.
Going to play with primers and seating depth to try and tighten my groups up a bit.
Hopefully my third time out will be as well as my last.
If it is I'll get a pound of the regular H4831 and see how it does.
So far my load is 66gr H4831SC with a 130 NAB.
With the short cut version powder comes up to the base of the lower shoulder so I still have lots of room.
this is a post from the Hodgon's web site regarding SC Powders

H4831SC - Ballistically, this Extreme Extruded powder is the exact copy of H4831. Physically, it has a shorter grain size, therefore, the designation SC or short cut. The shorter, more compact kernels allow the powder to flow through the powder measures more smoothly, helping to alleviate the constant cutting of granules.

It also goes on to say that because of the fshorter grains, that load density might be slightly greater.