Handload development for 9.3x74R.


Ammo Smith
Nov 6, 2009
Some initial groups shot with my Ruger No. One and the 9.3x74R cartridge. These are preliminary but the group on the right, loaded with 63.5 gr of IMR 4350 and the 286 gr Partition are looking good with Norma brass. Especially since I called the flyer when I pulled the trigger. I will try to refine this load more and move next to the 250 grain AccuBond. The center group is loaded with IMR 4064 which I did not have much luck with.

Cool stuff! First post here in the 9.3 section since 2011, about four years ago! Thanks OT3!

Groups are looking pretty decent.

Am hoping you'll slam one of those big Noslers into an elk, or at least some water jugs or something, and show us the recovered bullet. At 9.3x74 velocity it should perform perfectly!

Regards, Guy
I think one of the things I really like about the "medium" bore cartridges is the modest velocity, coupled with rather heavy bullets.

At 286 grains... That's 100+ grains heavier than a standard .30-06 elk load... Yee Haw! Bullets perform very well with modest impact velocity typical of the mediums. It might be mighty difficult to recover a 286 gr Nosler from an elk... I'm thinking it's going right on through, leaving a very dead beast behind.

We will find out shortly Guy. I've gotten some ribbing about filling this section up. It will happen soon. Give me another week or so and I can start!
From 1905, is the birthdate of this cartridge. I was not pushing this load, because of the relatively thin brass. These are loaded to under 50K PSI. From the looks of it, I can shoot close to MOA which with this big bullet is sufficient for my needs. I did put a Simms recoil pad on it, the push is about 35+ pounds.

I am curious to see what the 250 AccuBond will do. With a BC of .498 at 2600+ fps, it should be a stomper?
It should do great things OT3!

My standard .375 load is pretty mild, a 260 gr AccuBond at a tad over 2600 fps. It's done a very nice job on three bears now, spot and stalk, here in Washington.

You would have particularly enjoyed one... We spotted it far off. Stalked to 306 yards according to the rangefinder... It was feeding. I rested the Ruger on sticks, and waited for the bear to stand again, he was feeding off berry bushes. He stood. I squeezed. He fell. Heard the "thwack" of the bullet. He did manage to crawl about 10 feet, leaking badly. Yeah, those medium bore Noslers do a fine job!

The 9.3/250 gr bullet at 2600+ fps should do just as well. Absolutely.

I would think so, Guy. Absolutely in the same sandbox for power with the 260gr, .375 vs. the 250gr, .366. Black bears do not stand a chance with mediums in this power range!
Looking good Charlie.
As mentioned, the 9.3x74 is a cool round.
Pretty much the same as the 375 H&H.

Thanks guys. This is all that I need for a medium bore. Just in case I get to hunt the jungle for Roosevelt elk.
Very cool.

The 9.3's are really intriguing to me. I'm always on the lookout to save some poor, unknowing hunter the shame of a 30-06, figure it's just the candidate for a 9.3x62 or maybe a 400 Whelen. Either would be fun to work with.

Great shooting Charlie. That #1 is plain cool.
If I can get anywhere near MOA with that 9.3x74 rifle on the bench, it is good to go for my hunting!