I got hacked.


Dec 11, 2010
Last night my computer went totally ape. This morning it seemed OK until I got a phone call from my server. You've been hacked was the message. They worked on it from about 8:30 this AM until 2:30 this afternoon. They ran a list of some kind showing where the hackers were from. They also state there was an unusually large amount of porn in my history. Funny thing is I don't watch porn. Apparently they hack in and watched on my account. I've heard of that happening but never thought it would happen to me.The good news is I'm up and running.
Paul B.
Sorry bud, that stinks. Glad they caught it before any financial ruin could fall upon you. Just an FYI ; one I fell for is you get a call from a “telemarketer” and are given the option to press 1 to be removed from the calling list…somehow by pressing 1, they are able to get into your phone and have access to all your info stored on it. Luckily for me it was my work issued phone and only had a few contacts and that’s was it. Best to just hang up on them.