My dog Frankie


Oct 15, 2009
In 2007 my dad died of cancer and shortly afterward I got a new puppy from the pound. My dad was called Frankie as a kid so I named my new dog in his honor.
It was immediately clear that Frankie was very intelligent and could learn things without actually teaching him. Over the years, he was always happy, faithful, loving, and loved to snuggle. He didn't want any airspace between you. He loved kids and elderly people, always being gentle and giving copious kisses. He always greeted me when I came home, wagging his tail and barking because he was so happy to see me. He would talk to you, sometimes woofing, sometimes a bark or two , but always looking you in the eye.
A couple of weeks ago, his demeanor suddenly changed. He wasn't happy or playing, and seemed to be in pain and hard to move. We took him to a vet that thought it was brought on by a degenerative issue in his spine brought on by age. The meds he prescribed seemed to help and although he wasn't the same as before, he was better. All that ended Monday when he took a downturn and was back to before, albeit without the obvious pain. He was clearly miserable and although he tried to function as best he could, his body just wouldn't moto_0229.jpgcooperate. He would give a little tail wag when you petted and talked to him but it was clear he was sad.
So, today we have an appointment with the vet to make the pain, discomfort, and sadness end. I'm gonna miss him so much I can't put it into words. I hope to someday see him at Rainbow Bridge.20190217_161139.jpg

Even though we are hunters, it always a very tough time. We just put a horse down last week, second one in 10 months. My wife is is going through it now. The good memories are helping through the low moments.

Sorry to hear about Frankie. Always hard to put a animal down. You did the right thing. You'll never forget him.
Sorry, man. That's a tough nut to crack. Them pups have a way of wiggling in our hearts.
We're home now and have attended to the burial. Frankie is next to Ruger and Ranger, two great dogs in their own rights. He's not in pain or discomfort and can rest his old bones.

The vet was very good in all aspects and that helped. He explained everything in advance and showed real empathy as did the tech that assisted him.

Thank you guys for the kind words of support. It is truly appreciated.