Please critique my caribou gear list


Nov 1, 2010
I'm going on a caribou hunt this fall out of Kotzebue Sept 17 to 24 with a couple friends. It will be our first caribou hunt, and our first time on the tundra. I've had some time on some bad weather days to put together my initial gear list of what I am thinking of taking. I'm sure I have some unnecessary stuff and am probably missing some other items. Please check out my list and let me know what to look at changing if you have time.

Hopefully some of you experienced guys that helped me out before my moose hunt are weathered in and bored, and won't mind helping me again.

We are limited to 80lbs of gear each not counting our food and fuel we will consume in the field. Right now my list is right about there not counting what I wear in. I would like to shave some off of what I have, but I have not decided what to cut out. It's always harder for me the first trip to a new environment. I have a tendency to want to have everything plus a back-up in the vehicle when driving, but these hunts require a little more planning.

Weights of everything from my Excel sheet are out to the side of the item. I have things split between group items and personal items.

One thing we keep debating is tents. We are still deciding if we want to take several small tents and save weight, or go with a bigger 8 man and cut weight elsewhere. Tents, cots, and footwear seem to be areas we keep debating.

Thanks everyone for the help.
Gear List AK caribou

Guns/accessories/Personal optics

-Rifles Inc 300 Win mag, 3-12x Huskemaw, scope caps, sling 133
-20 rounds 180gr E tip ammo in factory box 26.4
-Glock G20 w/ KKM barrel, empty mag, and Streamlight TLR-1 light on rail 37
-16 rounds Underwood 200gr Hardcast ammo in factory box 14.8
-Otis 30 cal cleaning kit (part of repair kit 3.4oz)
-Partial roll electrical tape for muzzles (repair kit .5)
-laminated wind drift chart for 300 win mags .5
-Leica 10x42 Geovid HD-B binos 36
-FHF bino harness w/ Razco holster for Glock 15.5 (wear in)
-Polarized sunglasses (wear in)
-Sunglasses hard case (won’t smash glasses in pack 3.9)

-Thermarest Mesh cot 70
-Kifaru Slickbag +20 wide 39
-Thermarest Neoair X therm pad large 5.7 R value 20
-Kuiu Storm Star 2 person tent 93
-Granite Gear 25L dry bag (stuff with extra clothes for pillow, extra protection for them)

-Simms G3 wader boot 64
-Chota Tundra Hippie waders 22
-Kennetrek Mountain Extreme boots 86 (wear in)
-Kennetrek gaiters 12 (wear in)
-FL Wilikin Aerowool long sleeve zip shirts x2 (wear one 9oz each)
-Kuiu insulated snap shirt 10 (wear in)
-Kuiu Peloton 240 fleece hoody 18 (wear in)
-Sitka Mountain vest 10.2 (wear in)
-Kuiu Superdown Pro puffy jacket 18
-FL SEAK rain jacket 27

Total pairs of socks and underwear taken are 4, take 3 in pack and wear one in
-FL Aerowool boxers 4oz each x3
-FL Aerowool 200 base layers 10.2oz each x2 (wear one in)
-Darn Tough full cushion boot socks 3.8oz each x3
-Kuiu Yukon rain pants 26 (wear in)
-Kuiu Superdown Pro puffy pants 16
-Kuiu Chugach rain pants 17 (these fit over the puffy pants, Yukons are sized to wear as normal pants)

-Kuiu Peloton 200 fleece gloves 3
-Sitka Downpour GTX warm waterproof gloves 5.6
-Kuiu Axis water resistant glove 2.8
-FL Aerowool baklava 2

Pack/Meat Packing/Game Processing
-Exo 3500 pack w/ factory dry bag, weapon carrier, and Nalgene Holder 100
-Kifaru rain cover 3
-Leki carbon trekking poles 16
-Hunting & Fishing license 1
-Caribou and wolf tags 1
-Buck Alpha Crosslock knife (S30V blade, back-up bone saw) 3.9
-Bark River Classic Clip point hunter (tougher 4.5” 3V fixed blade knife) 7.2
(Benchmade field sharpener in group repair kit, ceramic steel in my DSK)
-Tag Bags 5 bag 24”x44” caribou set 18

Cooking & hydration personal
-Snow Peak 24oz Titanium mug w/ lid 4.6
-Silver Ant 29oz TI water bottle 4
-Smart Water bottle 33oz 1.4 (NOT a Gatorade bottle so it doesn’t get confused for pee bottle)
-TI long handled spork .7
-GSI plastic fork .4
-GSI Cascadian tall sided plate 3
-MSR Pocket Rocket stove 3 (take if I want when leaving camp)

-Bass Pro 6’6” medium action Micro Lite pack rod in factory protective case 15
-Flambeau WP 3012 small waterproof tackle box w/ spinners & spoons 11
-Shimano Sahara 2500 spinning reel w/ spare spool of line 12.5

-Gatorade 28oz bottle 3 (pee bottle for tent)
-Black Diamond Re-Volt headlamp (re-chargeable or 3AAA) 4
-Streamlight Microlight re-chargeable min flashlight 1.5 (carry in bino harness)
-Dark Energy Poseidon 10k battery pack, mini dry bag, 2 micro USB and 2 I phone 6” cables 15.5
-Anker 26500k battery pack 18
-Sawyer 3oz bottle 100% Deet in ziplock bag 4.2
-Seek Outside DST tarp w/ guylines and stakes 30
-Kuiu Taku 5500 waterproof duffle bag 32 (haul gear home)
-Plastic tote for food on trip up, meat on way home 64
-personal med/ higene kit kit (pills, vitamins, lotrimin, deoderant, Carmex, etc) 7
-Wet ones antibacterial wipes 20 packs x5 3.5oz each 17.5
-1/2 roll blue shop towels (cut a roll in half to make it large toilet paper roll size)
-Rite in Rain notebook & pen 3.7 (hunt journal)

-Daypack survival/med/repair kit 20.7oz is the total of everything listed below
-Contained in Granite Gear zipper pouch, qt ziplock in pouch for small items:
-2 gauze pads 3”x3”
-2 Band-aids 1lg, 1 small
-packaged suture 1 small
-Adventure Medical space blanket 96“x60“
-Gorilla superglue single use tube
-partial roll Tenacious Tape
-trotline cord 10yds 142lb green
-50ft 1.9mm paracord
-3 6” zip ties
-2 repair needles (one curved, one straight)
-6 safety pins (2XL, 2med, 2 small)
-1.2oz fishing/snaring kit
-4 wetfire cubes
-1 Mentos bottle Vaseline soaked cotton balls
-mini Bic lighter
-Light my Fire firesteel and striker
-lens cloth
-Danner boot lace x2
-Silva compass
-10 aquapure tabs (1/qt of water, 30 minutes)
-Benchmade tactical carbide sharpener (.5oz)
-mosquito head net
-synthetic bandana (pre-filter water, etc)
Group items list (weights split between all 3 of us)

-Titanium shovel 20
-Outdoor Edge Flip N Zip bone saw 2.5

-Katadyn 10L base camp water filter w/ spare filter 14.5
-2.5L collapsible water jug adapted for Katadyn 6
-Steripen Ultra (freeze proof back-up and portable filter) 6.7

-Seek Outside Colorado 10x10 silnylon tarp (cook and sit under) w/ guylines 20
-Green Elephant tarp poles (raise a ridgeline for cook tarp) 37
-Equiniox 8x10 silnylon tarp (put over meat) w/ guylines 13.7
-Paracord 50ft 4
-10” spiral aluminum stakes in bag x40 (good stakes to use on tarps and tents) 54
-Kifaru SST stakes 18” x11 (longer stakes for tarps and tents) 27
-Camptime Roll A Chair x3 (35oz each) 105

-Promaster tripod, Outdoorsmans pan head, shooting rest 55
-Kowa 55mm Prominar spotter w/ stay on case 33.5
-Caldwell wind meter 3.5

-MSR Windburner stove set (2.5L pot, 8” skillet) 32
-Fuel canisters 8oz x8 (70oz total, but figure 20 for packing out empty cans) 20

-med kit group (vet wrap, larger gauze pads, immodium, etc) 6.2
-Black Diamond ReVolt headlamp (take 1 spare for group) 4
-Spare batteries (AAA lithium x6, CR-2 x1, 2032 x2) 4
-Dean’s good camera 24
-Repair kit group (wader repair kit, Thermarest repair kit, Tenacious tape, zip ties, etc) 23
-Coglans camp soap 2oz bottle 3.2
-open reed predator calls x2 (in case we get a chance for a wolf) 2
Forgot to add we will have 2 In Reach devices between the 3 of us also.
Looks like a pretty comprehensive list and contemplates most scenarios
Was reading the newest Eastman’s Hunting magazine on my flight this evening and they had a good articles on tents and hunting camps that might be worth your time on the one bigger tent vs several smaller tents
Some kind of sterilizing hand washing fluid
Extra pair if eyeglasses or contacts if appropriate.
Otherwise it Looks great to me. Fantastic job, What's the glock for??
Only thing I saw missing is a rangefinder. Distances can be tricky in the wide open country that caribou like.

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Firestarter if weather and supply permits. Nothing beats a cam-fire
Earplugs, if someone snores and your tents are close

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Thanks everyone.

I am planning not to have anything to burn for a fire, but I will be very happy if I find that I'm wrong. I love a good campfire. I have enough tinder in my daypack survival kit to burn for an hour between the wetfire cubes and cotton balls. I figure if I can't get something else burning in that amount of time I'm giving up. The other guys all have tinder of their choice in their kits too.

Earplugs are a good idea. I have some in my DSK but forgot to list them out. I have an extra cheap foam pair in my bino harness too. We all snore, but if I take my Advil PM earlier than the other guys than I'm out before they get started.

My Leica binos have the rangefinder built into them. I really like those things, probably the best hunting item I ever purchased. They should be for what they cost!

I will add some hand sanitizer. That would be handier than the camp soap I have listed if we don't have a lot of water handy especially. I have antibacterial wet wipes and camp soap on the list.

I don't wear glasses except non-prescription sunglasses. Having spares is a good thought though for sure. I have one fork for eating off a plate, plus a long handled spork for eating out of mountain house or similar packages. Having spares of those wouldn't weigh an ounce though and would be a good idea.

Thanks again for reading my list. Having others look at it helps me convince myself I haven't missed something important. I only get to go on one hunt away from home each year, so I spend a lot of time trying to go into it as prepared as I can.
I'd add a couple large garbage bags. They have lots of uses besides the main/most important one.
Have a great hunt, I would leave the extra spoil of line at home. I typically get thirty or forty silvers w/o changing line, but it’s only a few ounces and fishing line can be used for a lot of purposes.
If you find enough material to build a fire ensure you’re building on mineral soil. A fire on tundra will burn until the snow comes.

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Gear list for Caribou for Camp for Three People
Tent Alaska Guide Series 6 Man lots of stakes
3- Cots
1-Small Camp Table
1-Backpack Stoves for lunch
1- two burner self igniting Stainless Propane Stove
7-bottles Propane Fuel for Stove for 3 people
3- Camp Chairs
1- Grill
1-Fry Pan
1 roll Aluminum Foil for cooking
Margarine for cooking and calories
1-Spatula & Fork for grilling
2-Pans to boil water nesting 1-2quarts Titanium for Backpack Meals.
2-Hot Pads
2-Lighter Sticks & Waterproof Matches. Buy in AK
1- Salt & Pepper Shaker.
1-Small Dish soap Dawn.
1-Dish Cleaning Sponge Scotchbrite
1-Small Cutting Mat
1- Multi Spice Shaker.
1- Battery Powered Lantern.
1-Wyoming Bone Saw, ( 2 blades Bone & 2 blades Wood ).
1-Spotting Scope w/tripod light weight
1-Collapsible water container 2.5-5 gallons
1-Hoppe’s Rifle gun cleaning rod in size for everyone w/brushes
1-Camera in Ziplock bag
1-First-aid Kit
1-Satellite Phone w/ extra batteries Iridium only
1-Current Hunting Regulations
2- Raid bug spray cans inside of tent, 3 bottles for Skin w/Deet
1-Fishing Rod, equipment & Tackle.
Utility tool-Multi tool for small repairs like Leatherman
1 role 3m electrical tape
1 1/2 roll ofDuck tape
Cloth Measuring Tape to measure antlers/horns B&C scoring sheet
Tweezers, Nail Clippers,Q-Tips
One deck of cards
Handiwipes to clean around tent
Anti diarrhea
Blister Kit ( cloth tape,mole skin,band aids,Nesoporin )
Needle and heavy duty brown thread
1 tube superglue
1 spare headlamp for group same battery’s
Cape salt 2-5lbs per head.
1 Hand shovel small plastic gardening type.

Personal Gear list Per Person
Hunting License, Tags, Permits in Ziplock bag
Waterproof compression stuff bags Sea to Summit) Medium 35L and Small size
Hip Boots ankle fit LaCross ankle fit air bob sole get them large enough for two pair of sock’s
Backpack w/rain cover
Trekking poles- Leki or Black Diamond
Rifle, w/40 rounds, with a soft case for bush plane,
Sleeping Bag 0-20F, with waterproof compression sack.
1 pillow case, stuff cloths in for pillow in Camp
Pad for sleeping bag
Ear plugs for if your partner snore’s
Tarps 2 lightweight
Quality Waterproof Duffel and Storage (medium & small size)
Binoculars waterproof
Lens cloth Lens pen
GPS w/extra batteries and downloaded maps, Compass & Topo Map in Ziplock bag
Knives w/ Pocket Diamond Steel
Game Bags-TAG bags buy 1 BOMB kit per caribou recommended
Latex Gloves 8-10 per person
Paper towel 20-30 sheets in Zip lock bag
Clothes pins 6 per person
1 large cheese cloth for game heads to mount,
Flagging tape high visibility 30-40 feet
Whistle for signaling
2 Bungee cords different sizes
12 Zip ties various lengths per person
Parachute Cord 50’
Small roll of wire 5-10 feet per person
Space blanket reinforced, use for dry place to sit, or emergency
Seat foam type great for glassing
4-Bic lighters Waterproof Matches 2-3 small boxes
Small candle 1-2 per person in small Zip lock bag
Flashlight and Head Lamp w/ extra Batteries
2 small Carbine
One set travel clothes
1 Orange Safety Vest ( Lightweight to mark kill sight , signal,etc.)
Quality Rain Gear Jacket & Paints rubber for sitting
Gore Tex Hiking/Hunting Boots w/rubbers
1 pair Gators
Three pairs thin liner socks
Three pair heavy wool socks
1 pair Silk or Wool long-johns top & bottom
1 Mid or Heavy weight fleece or Wool long-john top
2 pair short underwear
1 T Shirt
2 long sleeve Wool Shirts
Down Jacket or Vest
1 pair Insulated Fleece or down pants
1 pair lightweight fast drying pants, Wool or cotton-poly blend
Hats one Ball type,one stocking type
Neck gaiter
1 pair Insulated gloves waterproof
1 pair light or uninsulated gloves waterproof optional
Camp shoes- water shoes for creek crossings
Mosquito Head Net, light weight gloves for Bugs
5-Contractor Trash Bags to cool meat in water plus
30-gallon size Heavy Duty Ziplock Bags ( per caribou )
Water purification Water Bottle w/extra filter Nalgene
Fire starter Material cotton balls 12 covered in petroleum jelly stored in Ziplock bag
Steel wool (one pad per person-these really start fires once it goes)
Spork Titanium
Coffee Cup Insulated light weight
Plate for steak light weight
Paper & Pen, note book, Reading Material
Toilet Paper two 1/2 roll Scott’s in Ziplock bag smashed flat
Medications, aspirin, Advil
Chap Stick
Polarized shooting glasses and Glasses
Hand Towels or Cloths backpack type
2 small packs of Baby-wipes
Toiletries, toothbrush,etc,
FOOD 2 lbs of food per person 3000 calories per day bring one or two days extra food in case of bad weather if weight allows.
Mountain House Freeze-Dried Meals
Energy bars- Candy bars
Granola/ Gorp bars
Peanut Butter
Instant Drink mix ,Crystal-Light, Kool-Aid
Instant Hot drink Coffee,Tea, Hot Cocoa mix
Instant Hot-Cereal
Instant soups and noodles
Tuna fish in foil
Kelty tarp

Here is my list
1100 Remington man what is the weight limit that your pilot allows? That looks like a heck of a well thought out list. Also are you able to get a whole caribou in 1 set of the Tag bags with ribs on the bone?

Thanks in advance for the help.
Call me crazy but I carry tampons and maxi pads in my pack. Super light weight and can really come in handy if you have a havalon incident. Just my two cents.
Caribou Tag bags easily put Caribou but we just cut the meat out between the ribs and put the the scrap bag for hamburger. Weight limit was 50lbs.
I picked up a food scale 10lb max and a luggage scale to weight everything.
Food I ate two instant oatmeal’s for breakfast with a instant coffee
Lunch 1 candy bar snickers or Milky Way
Dinner 1 Mountain House
Just FYI on the tundra all I wore was my waders, while I had my hunting boots I never put them on once. I would not fly them in again on the tundra.
I kept one Dry long sleeve tee shirt and dry pair of Sox to only sleep in. I just put on my wet and damp underwear every morning, they just got soaked in sweat from hiking and packing loads of meat. Smartwool is a great brand and wool.
Buy a knife proof glove for your non skinning hand and your hunting partners should also have one.
You are at more risk from a sharp knife than a Bear.
Thanks for the info, sounds like you have it down.

I'm finally using my Excel computer skills learned back in college. I have a spreadsheet for my gear weights that totals it on my computer. I did not like that class in school, but using this way is kinda fun.