Progress with my right Achilles/ankle/calf and overall update

My Grail Specialty Pistol with two barrels, and the original case, plus one Leupold variable pistol scope should be here Friday!!!
Also getting some brass, dies, and bullets for the big boy cartridge!
I hope it actually makes it here on Friday.
The original owner thinks he has more brass...he just needs to find it.
If not, I may ask you guys to help me locate some. I don't even know what brand the brass is yet.
Time will tell. I won't need a lot, since I will not be shooting pd's all day with it. I am glad it has a Holland brake on it.
Still Waiting.................................................................................
Now that looks interesting. Where do you feed it? I see a bolt but no receiver opening.
I see now straight pull bolt. Very intriguing hand cannon you have there. Very nice👍
I see now straight pull bolt. Very intriguing hand cannon you have there. Very nice👍
BlaserR93 Handgun...Very few made.
I have only seen one for sale in the last 20 years, and it was a left/port/left bolt
A week ago today, I finally had my long awaited knee replacement surgery.
The pain has not been enjoyable, but I am able to walk on it with the assistance of a borrowed walker. The pain is substantially more than my Achilles tendon surgery, yet I am up and about, albeit quite slow.
I had told Glenn on Monday of this week, that maybe I could go do some steel shooting out at Mac’s Gunworks this week, but I may not be up to that yet😎
I have a rear grip XP-100, that has been re-barreled (6 Creedmoor), and I want to get it up and running.
The other reason I just want to be shooting more, is that Dan and I drew a coveted buck antelope tag that is for handguns and black powder only. It is an early season compared to rifle season near where I live. The season starts on August 20 and goes through September 9.
When Dan and I were considering putting in for this tag as a group, we agreed that if we drew, we would both use a Kauger Arms Black Widow specialty pistol. Dan is going to be shooting my 6.5 x 47 Lapua , with 130 grain ELDM’s.
My second Black Widow, is a single shot version, chambered in 25-284. I went with a single shot action, on this one, as it is a Switch Barrel, and a Switch Bolt Head specialty pistol.
I have two Blake fast twist stainless steel, 25 caliber barrels for this Black Widow, that have been chambered in 25-284 and in 25 PRC.
The bullet I intend to use is the new 134 grain Hornady ELDM’s.
.645 (G1)
.325 (G7)
With my 15 inch barrel, I am hoping to get around 2700 ft./s using Lapua necked down 6.5-284. Reloader 26, is going to be the primary powder, with H-4350, and H-4831 also as potential powers. Brake is one of Erik Cortina’s newest tuner brakes.
This should work great on a buck antelope, even if there is some distance involved.
Dan is going to do the load development on this one since sitting for a length of time is difficult for me right now.
In the picture, it has a Burris scope on it.
Currently, it has a Leupold Mark 5HD on it, and there is a chance that it might even have a different optic on it as it may be part of a review.
If I did get a 2700 ft./s with the 134 grain, with a 100 yards zero, I would require 9.4 minute of angle for a 500 yard shot and it would take 2.3 minute of angle to correct for a 10 mile an hour, full value wind. Impact velocity at 500 yards would be 2149 ft./s
At 750 yards, the impact velocity would be 1900 (1899.7) fps.
Michael DeLoach of Nine Run Gun did the 25-284Black Widow work, while Speedy Gonzales did the rebarrel on the 6mm Creedmoor. I would use either one of these Gunsmiths without hesitation to compete at the highest levels of short range or long range shooting.

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Stay the course, Ernie. We're all pulling for you to push through the pain to achieve a full recovery that allows you to be fully active again. The hunt you've drawn sure sounds exciting. We're all hoping to hear of a successful hunt in September.
Ernie sounds like your making progress and will be strolling along after the lope. Neat looking pistol you have and hope you tag out with it this upcoming season. Dan.