Ramshot LRT in 7RM


Apr 7, 2019
Any of you fine folks tried LRT in 7mm Rem Mag? Hodgdon has load data for 6.5 PRC using it. Looks like it is close to Magnum, not as slow as US869. Then again nothing is as slow as US869, Lol. Seriously though, 869 does good with a 26” barrel shooting 175’s and 180’s.

The next time I see it in stock at any of my haunts I think I’ll pick up a few lbs and see how it behaves. Its a sickness guys, I can’t help it. Lol
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I passed up a bunch a few months back, kinda wished I’d grabbed some. It looks good on the overbore cases with heavy bullets.
My son picked up a 8lber to try in his 257 WBY 7mm Rem Mag. 338 Lapua and 378 WBY. I’ve ran a pressure check in the 378 and got good velocity with it. Looking like a good powder.
I d sure be interested in how it does in that 257 Bee. Keep us posted if you will.
I picked up 6 lbs from midsouth. Midway has it in stock too. Tried a few loads in the 338 Lapua and it did well. Will be trying it in the 300 Rum when it gets back from surgery.
another powder that seems to be getting more attention during this crunch is magpro . I've never used it , or LRT .
I just bought some LRT to try in my 26 Nosler but Reloder 50 seems to be just the powder it prefers .

Curious though, does anyone have LRT info on the heat of explosion for this powder on Quickload?
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