Reasons to buy Accubonds again


Feb 13, 2016
After two years, I was able to find some 180 Accubonds from Nosler for my 300 Winny. An alert from Nosler got my attention. A little steep but premium bullets aren't cheap and shipping is free for orders over 99 bucks. Just got 3 boxes down on order. Reasons for buying Accubonds is from good hunting experiences where one AccuBond traveled the length of a red stag from neck to the rear hams, barely exited and a perfect mushroom. So dang accurate. Last two pics of a target where I had only 4 rounds left to try at 300 yards, shot 2 and let cool and shot last two to confirm accuracy. Just perfect. Looking to try the AccuBond on a nilgai hopefully, it will be my first AccuBond on a real tough critter. Can't wait.








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My son and I went to S. Africa in 2014. Just like now supplies were hard to find. I loaded 200 grn AB for one MK V 300 WBY and 200 PT for another with RL 22. My son too a great took a great hartebeast and I tool a great Zebra among other animals. In the last 35 years, if I load for hunting, it either BT, AB ro PT from 22-250 to 375 H&H. My preference and happy with it
Excellent shooting at 300 yards.
Superb reloading and shooting!
At least the wind was consistent, or at least it was when you shot those two 2-shot groups.
Actually clicked a few clicks right at 100 to see grouping, so my aiming point won't be ruined, I did not recalibrate for 300, its why it was off. ;)
Thanks for the compliment.
Excellent marksmanship and textbook bullet performance. I’ve always said the AccuBond is probably more than I need for whitetail and black bear, but $.080 is a mighty cheap insurance policy
Yep, same here, I use the Ballistic Tips for deer and medium sized game and leave the Accubonds to the tough brutes. It's wiser to spend $1.50 on a bullet than pay $$$$ for lost game.
Excellent results you have there. What velocity are you getting?