Rifle Twist Rate ?

I don't really care what they do with twist rates as long as the bullets they're making to conform to them or vice versa, doesn't screw up what already works for me. I understand what guys are going after with the faster twists and the long high BC bullets, and not saying I wouldn't pursue the same in a specialty rifle, but they don't have to change twist rates on production rifles and change bullets on my account.

Yesterday I took a 35 Remington with a 200 gr RNCL bullet rated at a slick Ferrari race car BC of .195 leaving at 2340 or so, and a 35 whelen loaded with a 200 Sierra RN at similar BC's and around 2550. Wind was 10 mph left to right with 18 mph gusts. Perfect for practice. Shot at a 3" circle at 100 yds sitting elbows propped off my knees, single shot from each, cold bore, no practice, no sling wrap, no crossed legs, etc. Right out of the truck with no crutches, no excuses. Tried to allow approximately 2" kentucky windage in my wobbling. Squeezed the trigger and finished it off when the wobble crossed where I wanted. 35 Remington inside top center of circle, 35 Whelen just outside lower center of circle. Both shots taken in less than 10 seconds from shouldering the rifles and flipping the safe off, both shots less than 2" from dead center.

That right there has far more relevance for my hunting needs than a 1/4" group from a high BC bullet off the bench and subsequent hits at 700 yds ever will. I like to chase bug holes as much as the next guy, but that's just the reality of my real life hunting scenarios and the ways it pays me to practice with bullets and twist rates that work for as far as I want to shoot.
I have had 6.5, 7, and 8 twist 223/22-250's, 7.5 twist, 9.25, and 10 twist 6mms, 7.75 and 8 twist 6.5's, 8, 9.5 and 10 twist 7mm's, 8 and 10 twist 308's, 10 and 16 twist 35's, 10 twist 375.

I haven't once had a problem or worse accuracy shooting light bullets in the faster twisted rifles, to include the light varmint bullets in the fast 22's. The best part is the 22's and all the rest shoot the heavy bullets if I want.

Also, again, RPM's don't hurt when a bullet touches down either, so I'll take the extra RPM's. Nothing makes me more mad when I see oblong bullet holes in paper!:cool:
Well, I certainly understand it. I've shot as far as 43,744,532 yards with my custom 6mm-458 using a 1:2.5 twist barrel. ;)

Really, though, I get the idea of pushing the envelope. Not my thing for hunting, but different people got different drives. All I'd ask of anyone who does it is to be sure of what they can, and cannot do, and shoot accordingly.
Having fun reading this.
Let me add a video, talking about big cases that put a smile on my face.
Once past the intro, you might skip to right around the 4 minute mark or about 10 seconds before that.