This might work out well.


Apr 5, 2014
A while back I was contacted by a local fellow who does estate sales for people and he was requesting information on reloading supplies and equipment.
I ended up purchasing a bunch of equipment from him for what I thought was a very good price.
A couple weeks ago he sent me some pictures of some bullets and brass and asked what I thought it was worth.
Without knowing what all was there I threw out a $250 number but told him that was low even before the pre shortage era.

He called me a couple of days ago and said he got it for $250 and I was free to come look and make an offer on what I wanted or could have it all for $250.

When I got there I saw there were at least 7500 bullets, mostly 9mm.
There was one box of bullets marked 45 ACP which I don’t have a use for. After I got home I opened the box and was glad to find they were actually 125 grain 357 bullets. Also 1000 55 grain 223 bullets.

Also at least 2 thousand brass in 9mm, 38 Special, 223 and 30-06 brass.

I tried to talk him into taking some money for his time investment in the deal but he insisted we were good with the $250 price.

On top of that he said he will give me first shot at any reloading supplies or equipment in the future.

This should keep me in plinking ammo for a while.


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