Venison Pastrami?


Apr 30, 2016
Wanting to do something different this year with some whitetail, and I'm wondering if anybody has made or tasted venison pastrami. I know it's labor-intensive brining, drying, smoking, steaming, and slicing, but I think venison pastrami on rye would be a big hit.
Venison Pastrami - no. However, your mention of brineing reminded me of my Grandfather drying venison which was salt brined and hung upstairs in the unheated farm house to dry. Along about Christmas time us kids would line up at the table with a slice of home made bread and way to much butter while grandpa sliced off parts of a dried deer ham to slap on that heavily buttered slice of bread. I would give $50.00 for that slice again- go for it and let us know how it works out! CL
It's delicious. I try to do a few pieces of corned moose whenever I fill my tag. Then I make pastrami out of one or two of them. Wouldn't call it labor intensive but it is time consuming. Most of it's just waiting time though. Brine the cuts for a few days and then rub/smoke for the pastrami. Steam it when you're ready to eat. Pretty simple overall and I highly recommend.
probably 20 years ago I made an impulse buy for an OLD deli slicer on eBay. Think I paid less than $30. Tested it out for function, and it's been in the basement since. Might just have to clean it up and put it to use on some pastrami this fall.