What 25 caliber (.257) cartridges do you own or want to own?


Sep 15, 2005
I have always liked the quarter-bore. One reason might be a I took my first big game animal (buck Antelope) with a 257 Roberts Improved, using a Nosler 100 grain Solid Base bullet.
For awhile I didn't have any of the 25's, but recently have been correcting that.
What 25's do you guys have or hope to get in the future?
Pictures and descriptions please.
I currently only have an 257 WBY with plans of a 25 Creed barrel for my Striker.
257 WBY
It is Weatherby Vanguard S2 with a fluted barrel topped with a Athlon Argos BTR 8-34. I feed it Hornady 120gr HPs @ 3350fps and Barnes 100gr TTSXs @ 3545fps. The brass I’m using is 7mm RM by Winchester. Yesterday I finished fire forming the Peterson 270 WBY brass , so at some point I can redo these loads in the way better brass.

25 Creed Striker when done will still have the Vortex 4-12 Crossfire on it. Peterson 6mm Creed SRP brass is loaded with Hornady 120gr HP for fire forming. Will be using Barnes 100gr TTSX afterwards.
257 Robert's in a '98 Mauser. Just about my most accurate rifle with 115 BT's over an overbook charge of RL22. With the long throat and box I'm able to load them way over book length and squeeze another few fps out of it. Runs low 2900's.
Been thinking about picking up a .257 Weatherby.
Mostly I use the 25-06 Remington 700 CDL topped by a 6x Leupold with the larger 42mm objective. It's been a terrific rifle for mule deer, pronghorn, coyotes and such. I load primarily the 115 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets to about 3150 fps via Retumbo. Good accuracy. Modest recoil. Flat shooting. Fills tags.


Also have Grandpa's old 257 Weatherby, on a Mauser 98. Good rifle, I just don't use it much. He had it converted from 257 Roberts to 257 Wby in the late 1940's or early 1950's, at Weatherby's old Southgate California shop. I should dust it off and shoot it again one of these days. Slow twist barrel, prefers 100 grain bullets. Don't seem to have a decent photo of it available right now. I refinished the stock and spruced it up a bit about 10 years ago, intending to use it more, but haven't even pulled it out of the safe in a few years.

Regards, Guy
I like the 25s too currently have 3 of them 2-25-06 and a 257 Roberts. 1 tikka 695 continental master in 25-06, I bought at the end of high school or early college days and probably killed more animals then any of my other rifles except a 22lr, it is probably one of my most accurate rifles with any ammo you put through it. 1 Browning BBR in 257 Roberts (pictured below with the Tilka) the old timer neighbor gave my wife to "try out" years ago and always says he knows where it is if he needs it back. This past year I picked up a Sako L61R with a heavy barrel in 25-06 from a gun show haven't had it out much yet.
Maybe a 25 day at the range is due.
As for future I've been thinking about a 257 wby if/when i need to rebarrel my 6.5-300 Accumark. I also know of a 25creed barrel that i have been thinking about using in a switch barrel setup, but the reloading with bushing dies is holding me back as I've never messed around with them before.20201024_082308.jpg
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I didn't really set out with any kind of affinity for 25 caliber rifles, but I managed to pick up a few I couldn't turn down. You asked so here goes.

Savage M1920 made in 1920 with a flip up bolt peep sight, chambered in one of it's 2 chamberings offered. 250 Savage..........or 250-3000 as it was called back then, and what is on the barrel.

A 98 Mauser in 257 Roberts AI. Shooter.

A BLR in 257 Roberts. Tough one to get. Took it hunting a couple times, haven't killed anything with it yet.

A Savage M99A, "brush gun" as they call them, in 250 Savage. 20" barrel.

Ruger M77 tang safety, black tip ultra light in 250 Savage. Another tough one to come by being a UL and in 250 Savage. Also a 20" barrel.

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Shade Tree - real nice rifles! I like that flip up peep sight on the bolt of the old Savage!

Ah, you guys got me thinking about my 25-06... I sure have enjoyed loading for and hunting with that rifle. It's brought me mule deer out to 400 yards and coyotes beyond that. Not much recoil to deal with, so it's easy to make good shots. Have put a lot of meat in the freezer over the years. 25's are nice, yes indeed. :)






I see a common theme , 257 WBY either someone has one or wants to get one. I can say it’s a death laser on whitetails.
25-06 is another good option , my brother has a H&R heavy barrel 25-06 and it has put many deer in his freezer.

A 25-06 is kinda, sorta, on my bucket list. Just haven't ran across the right one, or even one that doesn't jump out to me, but would suit me, at the right price. I keep saying I'll know it when I see it, just hasn't happened yet.
My favorite cartridge is the 25-06. My dad's is the 25-06. My grandpa's is the 25-06. His dad's was the 25-06. Subsequently, more than one rifle has made its way into my possession.
My first was a Ruger M77 MKII V/T, then I sold that
Then I bought a Sako 85 Bavarian and stupidly sold that:

While owning the Sako I built a fast-twist 25-06 on a Tikka action:

I've got a wild hair right now to put the tikka into some walnut, but I'm not sure yet. It'd make it heavier.
I have a Remington 700 chambered in 257 Roberts. Admittedly, this rifle has been largely neglected. It is always on my "to do" list, and hopefully I will do some work with it this summer during my holiday time. It is a sweet shooting little rifle that deserves more attention.
My favorite cartridge is the 25-06. My dad's is the 25-06. My grandpa's is the 25-06. His dad's was the 25-06. Subsequently, more than one rifle has made its way into my possession.
While owning the Sako I built a fast-twist 25-06 on a Tikka action:

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I've got a wild hair right now to put the tikka into some walnut, but I'm not sure yet. It'd make it heavier.

Loving the quarter bore so far...and will more as I use them to put more meat in the freezer.
Accurate and mild recoil = fun to shoot!

First was my LH 700 CDl rebarreled to the 250 AI.
Shoots Winchester factory 100 gr ammo sub-MOA (fireforming brass for handloads while waiting for QC brass). Still need to develop a good load with the 110 gr AB. Has a Leupold VX-3 4.5-14x40 LR mounted on it. Plans for hunting pronghorn and hopefully axis deer, fallow deer and black buck with it.
Wife enjoys shooting it so much, that when she came across a NIB Lipsey's edition Ruger No. 1 in 250 Savage at a gunshow, she didn't hesitate in buying it. Her No.1 is shooting Remington 100 gr factory ammo into 1" groups for her. It wears a Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x36.

My second is a Lipsey's edition M77 RSI in 250 Savage.
Shoots Hornady 100 gr factory ammo into 1" groups. Has a Kahles 3-9x42 TDS mounted on it.
My only rh bolt action, but will pass it down to my daughter, some day, and perhaps for grandkids.

My third was a NIB Lipsey's edition Ruger No.1 RSI in 257 Roberts, which is now in the wife's possession. Still unfired at this time, and no scope mounted as yet.

My fourth is a Winchester Model 88 that is currently being rebarreled to 250 Savage with a 22" Wilson barrel. Have a Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x36 B&C for it. Will match my other two customized Model 88's in 7mm-08 and 338 Federal, with identical scopes.

Have always thought a 25-06 would make a great pairing for my 280 Rem and 338-06.

Have considered the 257 Wby a time or two, and came close to buying a used LH Ultralight Accumark, but went for one in 270 Wby instead, as the 270 wins the velocity race with 100 gr bullets, and was better suited for larger game (IMHO) with ability to shoot 140 gr bullets
It’s been a bit and my apologies for that, but thought I’d jump in with a pic of my daughter shooting mama’s sweet little Kimber 84M in 257 Roberts this last Christmas. It dotes on the factory Nosler 110 AB load and is so light and handy that the wife and kiddos love shooting it over just about everything else. Afraid a big storm pushed all of the elk down low out of our area during our hunt, but it sure was nice spending time with my daughter and family over the holidays. First pic is verifying zero before the hunt. Next is a few days later after a lot of early mornings and hiking in deep snow, hence asleep on the rifle awaiting elk to show up. Man, I love that little rifle!
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I have a Winchester 70 WSSM featherweight in 25 WSSM and just got word that my nula 24 I had being rebarreled in a 1-7 twist is done and ready for shipping from LRI. Really looking forward to trying out sone 125gr hammer hunters in the 25/06


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