2023 Trail Cam Pics

You certainly have a busy area there. The game sure likes it there

I changed chips today . one camera had a pile of deer pics on it , mostly big ,fat, does . I'm thinking they must be planning to have their fawns in that area . our bucks are growing . I don't have anything great yet , but nice enough to get my attention . the bobcat is still hanging around . have a few nice longbeards . things are really greaning up , I had 119 pics on one camera , only about 10 had anything in the pic . the fresh leaf growth is setting of the camera . I'll have to move it , or bring it home .

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I have a few does hanging around my field at home , that look like they swallowed a suitcase . it shouldn't be long before they drop .

my other cam had 90 pics on it . I thought here we go again . it probably had 10 with nothing , and most of the 80 were deer pics . I probably only had 20 deer pics since I put that camera in there . it's been in there for months .
Put out a brown mineral livestock block about 3 weeks ago where I put one every year for the last 7-8 years. Checked camera after 1 week had 1 bear, couple of bucks just starting bumps and some does. Had a bear last year show up around this time but never saw it again on camera. Checked it again last week and no bear just some does. Dan.
The mineral block is about 3ft behind him where he rolled it out of the hole it was in. Nothing there except the block. Dan.
Here's a couple of afternoon sashays and a buck visiting a licking branch.



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I got a few new cameras and put them in the spots that I've been watching . I wanted to check them out before things get going in the fall . the new cams seem to work well . I need to change the settings , I'm getting way too many pics .

not much action again this week .


I'll have to go pull one camera today , it was found . it wasn't in a remote spot at all , but you couldn't see it if you stayed on the beaten trail . these guys found it . while these guys were in front of the camera , a bunch of us lease guys were about 1/2 mile away having a cookout after a day working on food plots .

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