45-70 Brass


Apr 7, 2019
Holy smokes they were gone fast!!!

I was fortunate enough to get a couple hundred more Starline 45-70 cases from Cabela’s. I have 200-250 rounds loaded, but was down to my last 50 new Starline cases, which is all I use for my 45-70’s. Using my military/first responder discount coupled with free shipping it wasn’t as hateful a deal as is the norm right now.

No exaggeration, they emailed my order confirmation. I went back for a couple more and “BAM” out of stock.

In my opinion, Starline manufactures the very best domestic brass available in every cartridge they offer. I use Starline in 308, and 270 Win as well. I’ve never gotten a bad case from them, very accurate in my rifles, necks are consistent in thickness and tension, they are annealed, and they last and last as long as you anneal each 3 firings.

Ive got a bunch of Hornady 45-70 brass that Ive picked up from the range but haven’t tumbled or sized any of it. I know they are trimmed shorter for the FTX bullets but so far I haven’t loaded any of them. I suppose if I keep them annealed they will eventually stretch to 2.100”. Being a straight walled case the shorter length shouldn't hurt as long as I don’t let a carbon ring develop at the case mouth, it runs at lower pressure.
If you watch Starline website you can also get directly from them usually cheaper. Right now they don't have 45/70 though.
They do have .270W and .308 in stock.
Also Starline has free shipping as well.
I have used Starline brass in my 223 and it did everything I could want. Will be using their brass in other calibers as needed. Thanks for the info, Joe. Dan.