Ballistic Tips at the Range


Apr 5, 2014
Got to the bench this afternoon with the 7mm-08 and some Nosler Ballistic Tip ammo I’d loaded in 2018.
I think I got lucky with the 120‘s as I thought I’d pulled one to the right out of the group. I think it looks better on paper than what I was actually shooting.

The sun came out from behind a cloud for the 150’s and looking right into it was tough to get a good sight picture.
I‘m really liking the new shooting bench even if it’s not set up for early afternoon shooting on a sunny day. It’s actually tall enough for me to shoot comfortably from with having to add a riser. I wasn’t sure how having the seat separate from the bench would work out but I’m finding it to be a better set up than having it attached to the bench.

I’m thinking the 120 grain Ballistic Tip load should be the go to for this gun for predators and deer.
The little Savage rifles seem to do fine for just an average guy who wants to do some hunting.