Apr 5, 2014
Always being interested in anything to do with shooting I recently made a couple of purchases of a couple of preowned chronographs.
My Oehler 35P has worked well but wanted to try something different.
The chronograph I have actually used the most is the Caldwell Ballistic Precision which works well for pellet guns in the back yard.

A couple of recent local purchases got me the preowned Labradar and Magnetospeed with the Wiser Chrono mount for attaching off of the barrel.

Of course as soon as I get these I see where Garmin has come out with a new chronograph that is getting a lot of attention.

I am interested in hearing what is working for other site members and any tips and advise to make use of the new chronographs as easy and reliable as possible.

I think Garmins release just dropped $150 plus off the used LabRadar rates…. See lots of guys selling/trying to sell ..
I’ve used ProChronys in the past but the one I use now is the Magnetospeed Sporter. The only draw back with it is muzzle brakes , some of mine are too long for it to fit.
Get an external trigger for the Labradar, and a steady mount with 3 points of contact on the bottom, preferably hard rubber “feet”.
in addition an external power source.
You will enjoy it more with consistent shot readings and a longer lasting power supply.