Light bullets in the 6.5 Creedmoor


May 12, 2009
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Picked up a 6.5 Creed in a Kimber 84 a while back. I've always shot 129-147gr bullets in my other guns with great results. Built a couple good loads for the gun already but recoil is a little stiff because the gun is pretty light. I'm looking for a hunting bullet/load for my daughter to use. Mostly deer but might be the combo that she takes when we go back to Namibia in 2025. Do any of you have experience with bullets at 120gr and under. Shooting will be less than 400yds.


I have used the 120 grain Ballistic Tip on a red stag cow last year with the 6.5 Creed. Hit in center of the neck, and exited the back of the neck, and a portion of the neck bone with it. The 120 grain is wicked on deer as well, I had loaded them up to 3025 fps and double lunged an 8 pointer a little over 200 yards , leaving a half dollar exit and a good blood trail for about 20 yards. You won't go wrong with it. It's why I saved the half box I have left, because its so good and accurate. Hope to find more of those 120's soon.
If shooting medium to heavy game in Nambia with the 6.5 Creed, I would try the Barnes TTSX or E-Tips.
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Tacdriver beat me to it, the 120 Nos BT would be a great bet. I had good luck with the 120gr Hornady GMX (now called CX) this past deer season taking 2 deer, both exhibited great penetration and no meat damage. I haven't shot any deer yet, but the 123gr SST has been really accurate for me as well and should be a good deer bullet
The right and left is because of the high wind that day. 120 grain GMX.
Took a couple of does later on with it.

As others have said, the 120 BT is money. I'm currently loading the 123 grain sst in my daughters bergara at about 2850 fps. It's an extremely accurate bullet, but seems a little squishy on game, not really surprising as I believe it was designed for the grendel cartridge. It's fantastic for antelope and smaller deer but of the two I would recommend the 120 BT for bigger bodied animals. I've gotten the 110 grain hammer hunter over 3200 fps in my christensen rifle and accuracy is superb, BUT I havent used hammers on game yet and can't speak to that aspect. When available, the 125 Partition is worth a look. Find an accuracy load around 2800 fps recoil is minimal and it should have plenty of juice inside 400 yards.
I use the 123 Lehigh. And I know others using the 100 gr version.
Does a bit more damage, but puts game down quickly.
The Creed isn't a speed monster, so the BT should work fine. If available, I would choose the AccuBond over the BT on bigger game. But that's just me. Recoil is tame with the Savage Storm and easily sub moa
Just for the fun of it, I'll be trying some 85gr monos @ warp speed. Can't really see any practical purpose for them but you can get surprising MV from the Creed with these light bullets. I've seen repots of 3,500 ft/sec.
Have been using the new 90 gr Varmagetton in my 6.5 for the last two winters on BIG Northern Maine coyotes. Having very similar results to my 25/06 with 90gr Blitz Kings. So have close to 40 down with the 6.5 now and 99% were instant kills. All shot from 300/400 yds. One of the very finest coyote loads ever. Most have only an entrance hole, the bullet does extreme damage internally hence instantaneous human kills. Perfect varmint load for sure.
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I used the 120 gr. BT in a .260 Rem. with great results. Shot something like 17 deer with it. I highly recommend this bullet for deer sized game in these velocity cartridges. Dan
My daughter also used the 120gr BT in her .260 rem for several years with excellent results on deer. When she ran out they became non existent and couldn't be found anywhere so we had to find another bullet and went with the Sierra 120gr Pro Hunter. Both shot great and performed excellent but she really loved the brown tip on the BT :).
As mentioned several times, the 120 gr BT is the way to go. For Africa, the 125 gr PT would be a good choice.

I too have used the 120 gr BT in the 6.5x55 and would recommend it in your CM. I have not yet done used it in my CM.

I do have a box of Hornady ammo with the 120 gr GMX to try, as well as the Federal130 gr Terminal Ascent to try in my CM. While this would be less velocity and perhaps a little more recoil, from what I have read, it works very well on large game. You could pick up some for your daughter to try.
My other 130 gr option that I am looking forward to trying in the CM is the 130 gr AB, as my preference has always been the 140 gr in the 6.5x55.
An awful lot of posters on LongRange have been using the 85gr Hammer bullet in their Creedmoors. The bullets open down to 1,800 ft/sec so you could load them at any speed that suits your needs. It's an interesting option.