My New Rifle-6.5PRC

Nice rifle! Love that little 6.5 PRC. Talk about a nice cartridge to work with.

The 142 ABLR should be excellent at that speed. I tried the darn 150's and couldn't get anything consistent. One of these days I need to try the 142's.
Finally had some time to stretch this rifle out to 500 yards. The attached group is with the 142 ABLR@500 yards. First three shots were off the right...made adjustment and she group nicely. Will shoot it again to try and repeat it before I load up all my brass.


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Dang, nothing wrong with that at all!

I love the PRC myself. Pretty eager to please. Darned near as good as a 270 :p
Update on my 6.5 PRC build...
Got the call this afternoon that it was ready!
Managed to get there to pick up just before they closed for the remainder of the long weekend.

New 24" Wilson carbon fibre barrel installed on the LH Browning X Bolt Micro Hunter. (Swapped stocks with my wife and her new Hunter in 6.5 CM; the Micro Hunter fits her shorter LOP)
Gunsmith opened up the feed ramp for the fat case...feeds slick!
Had to open up the barrel channel on the Hunter stock to accommodate the slightly fatter barrel (original was a 22" 270 WSM), and sealed the wood to ensure it wouldn't take on any moisture.
New bare metal Cerakoted black to match action.
I have Talley 30mm lightweight ring/bases to mount the Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44 B&C scope tomorrow.
I also picked up a Spartan Javelin Pro Hunt Long Bipod to try on this rifle. Will be my first time trying a bipod; will see how it performs! (I picked up a spare adapter so if I really like it I can use it on one of my other rifles too...perhaps the Creedmoor or the STW...

Will get out to sight her in on Monday, and try some various ammo that I have picked up for it:
- Nosler 140 gr Ballistic Tip
- Nosler 140 gr AccuBond
- Sako 140 gr Sierra Gamechanger
- Federal 140 gr Fusion
- Hornady 130 gr CX
- Hornady 143 gr ELD-X
Still trying to locate some Federal 130 gr Terminal Ascent ammo; I have been so impressed with it in the Creedmoor, I want to see if it will shoot in this rifle too!

Looking forward to seeing how it shoots! :D
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Hi everyone, just wanted to share my newest rifle. Just finished putting together my 6.5PRC in the new Bergara Wilderness Carbon Ridge. Wanted to get a hunting rig in SA and lightweight for my backcountry Idaho hunts and this fit the bill. Now, I am working on load development with 142 GR ABLR (getting 3/4" MOA but want to adjust with seating depth) So far, the barrel has handled heat extremely well w/o POI shifts in multiple rapid shot strings. This is my 1st SA rifle (been a 7RM and 270 WIN guy for the last 30 years) Hope you all have a good week...
That's just lazy or well planned on your mobile bench 🤣 🤣 :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
Got out to the range today and got to shoot this new rifle...
Looks promising so far!
Tried 6 different types of factory ammo today:
1) Hornady CX 130 gr - only one round registered a velocity of 3110 fps- and the 3 shot group at 100 yards was 2.012"'- not very good....but it got better from here...
2) Federal 140 gr Fusion - again, only one round registered what appeared to be an acceptable velocity (2834 fps), while the other shots over 2 groups over 3 ranged from 1660 to 3450 fps! the 2 groups were 0.537" and 0.919;
3) Sako 140 gr Tipped GameKing (GameChanger?) 2776 fps ES 107.3 and SD 46.91, with 0.762" group;
4) Nosler 140 gr AccuBond 2774 fps ES 67.72 ES 34.17 with 0.632" group;
5) Nosler 140 gr Ballistic Tip 2829 fps ES 45.02 ES 22.80 with 0.919" group; and
6) Hornady 143 gr ELD-X 2837 fps ES 49.48 SD 28.00 with 0.762" group.
So, the average of all the groups of 140-143 gr bullets was 0.755"...looks like it will be a shooter. We'll see how velocities do once the rifle has seen more rounds.

Still trying to locate some of the Federal 130 gr Terminal Ascent ammo to try in this rifle.

After sighting in for the Nosler 140 gr AB ammo, I proceeded to ring the steel out to 500 yards, both off the bull bag and off the bipod. Most gratifying!
Have to say that I am really liking this VX-5HD scope! Bright, clear glass!
And, at 500 yards I can see my bullet impact the 400 yard steel plate and steel pig target they got set up at 500 yards at our local range.
Still trying to find the Federal Premium 130 gr Terminal Ascent ammo...but did find some Barnes LR with the 127 gr LRX ammo to try on my next trip to the range.

Anyone try either one of these yet?