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Dec 13, 2013
So my better half grew up in Wallow county, certainly the most beautiful area of Oregon and the epicenter of great elk hunting. Her dad was an avid elk Hunter. Judging from what hangs in their barn he was incredibly successful.
He can no longer hunt but thought if I was taking his little girl elk hunting she should have his 300 "bee". He said all we need to do is find elk, the rifle knows what to do. IMG_0658.JPG

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What a joyous expression on her face. The rifle is assuredly befitting of one who grew up in the presence of an elk hunter. Consequently, that is certainly a handsome rifle.
Her dad was a logger, the stock was made from a maple burl he found. It really is beautiful.

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salmonchaser":1p7br9xo said:
Her dad was a logger, the stock was made from a maple burl he found. It really is beautiful.

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I didn't think that most manufacturers would put something like that on a production model rifle. Unusual; and it really draws the eye to the rifle.
She drew a spike tag for the Walla Walla unit, first season, I have one for the second hunt.
She will have five days to connect.

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How fitting for her first elk hunt to be carried out with her fathers tried and true elk killing rifle. That is awesome, can't wait to see pictures.
I love nice wood on a rifle. That quilted maple is amazing. Put her on some critters! With proper handloads, that 300 can be made to shoot well at 3006 or even 308 levels and not kick her butt while still sending plenty of oompa for elk.
I suggested the low power load, she vetoed the idea. Her rational

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Very awesome! 300 Wby is about as good as it gets for swatting then Oregon elk!
Will you look at the sheer joy on her face?!?
That rifle is something to be cherished!
And she knows it. That is an awesome rifle to be handed down.
That is one excellent Wapiti Whopper for sure!

HawkeyeSATX a.k.a. Bryce
Took her and her bee up to the upper section on Friday looking for a bear. We did find the sow and Cubs we've been seeing but no boar. We practiced sight picture, getting on the sticks, that sort of thing.
About 0800 a dandy 5x6 bull came over the ridge. She took dry fire practice as he moved from 350 yards to about 190 and dropped into his bedding area. A little later the monster six point came over the ridge pushing his cows. They drifted down the intervening canyon. Gave us about 1/4 hour to practice, including looking for a cow standing behind.
Her assessment, the 5x6 is the one she would shoot; "he's a sexy beast"

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Fabulous. Hope to see some trophy pictures with your GF and her new elk rifle.
Best of luck to the both of you.

Looks like "both" the Lady and the rifle are "treasures"! I hope she gets a really big bull with "her daddy's rifle"!