Outrageous Prices

The price of black powder and black powder substitutes has gotten totally out of hand. Even at todays prices it's cheaper to shoot any of my centerfires.

I found this place a few years ago down in NC near one of my training sites.

I grabbed 6lbs of Leverevolution and 6lbs of TAC at 32.95 a pound. A couple LBs of IMR4831 and RL10x for a friend and a brick of the Winchester WLR primers. The IMR4831 was 51.95 a lb and the 10x was 42.00. I don’t feel like I got much of a deal, but I didn’t feel too ripped off either.
Gosh Scotty,
Just give it up! That looks exactly like the shelf's in your garage to me! Holy smokes you are well endowed with everything. I knew you said you were well placed for components, but that is amazing. Nice pictures!!!!!

Of course I am kidding.