2019 Hunting Pictures

My hunting buddy and I drew the same tag we had in 2016. Here is the picture of that bull. We headed out on Wed night. We only made it about half way and had to pull over and sleep for the night. It's a 5 hour drive to get where we park the camper. The next morning we drive the rest of the way and get there about 1pm. It took us about 2 hours to get our stuff pack up on our dirt bikes, you can use dirt bikes to transport your camp or to transport meat but you can't hunt off of them. Then we rode in and set up camp. It's about 8.5 miles from where we parked the camper to where we tent camped. It was pretty late by then so we skipped hunting that night. I heard a bull bugle early in the dark and just after daylight saw 2 cows just above our camp. We hiked up the hill above our camp and spent the day overlooking the same area my buddy shot his bull 3 years earlier. The problem was the wind was howling the whole time and the snow started in the afternoon. It got bad enough at times you could only see about 50yds. Just as a reference....we were camped at about 7600' and where we were glassing from was about 9200'. Right before dark the snow cleared a bit and we spotted some cows way down low. After another snow squall it cleared again and we spotted a big bowed horn bull. It just so happens this bull was within about 6-700yds of a outfitters camp. I told my buddy it would be comical if we shot this bull this close to their camp. Anyway we headed his direction as fast as we could and got half way down there my buddy spotted a cow in the timber to our right about 100yds from where my buddy shot his bull 3 years earlier. We plop down on our bellies and glass up a couple more cows and I see the bull my buddy ends up shooting the next day. He can't see it and the cows end up blowing out taking the bull with them. By this time it was very dark but we continued down the hill and by the time we got within a reasonable distance of where the bull was the elk moved in the timber and more weather blew in. So we headed to camp.

The next morning we got up and all our water was frozen. So we were stifled a bit and decided to wait out the morning since most of the time the evening were better for hunting in this area. BTW it was about 10 degrees that morning. We headed out about 2pm to head back to the same spot. Part way up there I spotted a a bull and several cows. We eased up the ridge to get closer because we were about 700yds and the wind was blowing 30+mph. We got to 460yds and couldn't see the bull. In additional it started snowing pretty good. It finally broke a bit and most of the elk were on their feet, including the bull. My buddy was pretty trigger happy and I had to talk him down telling him it was too small. Since we were within a couple hundred yards of the draw where we saw the elk the night before I talked him into going over for a look. We walked over there and spotted several cows but, unlike myself, my buddy didn't put all the clothes on he brought. After a few minutes glassing my buddy was freezing and asked to go back and get his clothes :lol: . We hike back and get our packs, and my buddies clothes, then head back to glass. By that time the bull I saw the night before was out in the open. The funny thing is we could see the other bull we saw earlier at the same time since we really wrapped around the a knob. My buddy argued with me but finally realized this other bull was bigger and decided to shoot it. Before I finally talked him into going hunting with me he had only killed one elk in his life, a 6x6 bull in CO. So in the last 5 years or so he has killed 6 bulls and 2 cows with me. Including this bull that is his biggest in ID anyway. So the shot was 334yds and he hit it good and I backed him up and dropped the bull. We bone it all out and skin the head then head to camp. It was 11:45pm by the time we get to camp and nearly 1am by the time we eat dinner and hit the rack.

The next morning we sleep in roll out around 9. It was crazy cold again. So we lounged a bit and headed up to get the rest of the meat and the horns about 11am. We got back to camp around 2pm. We got everything hung up and ate a bit. By this time it was around 3pm and the sun was out. It was 50 or so degrees and we soaked in some sun and licked out wounds so to speak. We were a bit worn out. I told my buddy we would just hike up behind camp and glass a bit that night. So around 5pm we hiked about 3/8 mile above camp. We got to a good spot to glass but the sun was still up and we wanted to glass towards the sun. I talked my buddy into hiking up on top of the ridge to look in the other direction while we waited for the sun to go down. After about 200yds I spotted a bull and several cows at 1572yds away and he was good enough for a closer look. That meant we had to hike back and get our packs and whip out the spotting scope. It turns out its a decent bulls. We mulled over a few seconds if we had enough light and decided to see how close we could get. We got over to the draw they were in and heard numerous bulls bugling. One you could tell was big. After shifting around quite a bit in the timber we finally found a place we could see a bit and spotted some cows. They were just over 400yds. Then we spotted this bull but he was busy chasing tail. Finally he stops by a tree at 556yds. Even with my tall bipod I had to slip under my gun to try and get on the gun. I could see a few branches in front of the bull but since it was getting late I tried to slip a bullet into him and missed. He bugled more and started pushing his cows up and out of the canyon. I told my buddy we we have to leave the packs and hike as fast as we could to try and cut them off. We get up to the top of the ridge we were on and spot several elk in the sage brush on our side of the draw. I sneak down the ridge a bit behind a little tree to try and get on the down hill side of the knob and basically lower the height of my bipod. The 3 furthest elk are all bulls but not the big one. Closer, about 200yds, there is a pile of cows and I can hear the big bull bugle but cant see him. The cows see us and start getting nervous. They start to move off and I can finally see the bull. I shoot him and he starts to run off and I shoot him again. I just put my biggest bull on the ground. It was nearly dark and I told my buddy we better split see he could find our packs and I could find the bull before dark. It was a long butchering process in the dark and a crazy amount of stumbling around in the tall sage headed back to camp. We got to camp at 11:10pm and it was after midnight by the time we hit the rack.

The next morning we were sore and stiff but it was warmer that morning. So rolled out to get the rest of the meat around 10:15. We got back to camp around 1:15 and started packing up. By the time we got everything packed up and on the bikes it was close to 3pm. After numerous rides with meat, horns, and camping gear we finally got everything to the camper at around 6:30pm. We packed up and drove out to the local bar/restaurant and ate some steaks then headed home. By this time it was nearly 9pm. I finally got home at just before 1:30am this morning. BTW I rough scored the bull at 321. My buddies bull was over 300" too. A little long winded but Guy asked for the story. :mrgreen: :lol:


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My brothers (2x3) and my Wyoming bucks

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A couple of excellent bucks. Congratulations to you and to your brother. Wyoming was good to you two.
My son killed this buck last night. About 100 yard shot. 270 Win. 130 gr. BT handloads. Only made it about 10 steps.

Congrats to all who have posted and good luck to you all still hunting!
Big grin says it all; don’t normally think of snow and cold for antelope hunting.

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Congratulations to your son. What's that white stuff all over the ground?
New Mexico Elk. Compliments of a young friend I’ve been helping with shooting over 300 yards. Was harvested this am. No details on yardage etc. cartridge was a Brut Fotis would like 30-378wby 200 Gn Partition

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Holy cow, I’ve quartered well over a hundred elk in 52 years of elk hunting/guiding/helping buddies out. Never in a cactus patch[emoji58] Your coaching was effective it would appear.

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Yup, I'd think that dragging that bad boy out of a cactus patch could present a challenge. Your protege did good.
Used a .243win with 85gr partitions and 42.5grs of IMR4350 at about 170 yards. Got him before 7am on the first day of the 3 day hunt in East Colorado. Then got a landowners tag for a doe but had to sit out the 2nd day because of a dust storm that turned in a snow storm. But in true Colorado fashion the next and last day of the hunt got back up into the 60s again and I was able to filled the doe tag with a 300 yard shot. It turns out it was a young buck but is “antlerless” so is legal.

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The .243 bites again. Congratulations on connecting with the speed goats. And welcome aboard.
The .243 bites again. Congratulations on connecting with the speed goats. And welcome aboard.