2023 Trail Cam Pics

WOW, those are some dandy bucks Jim!
You guys are going to have a great season.

He appears to be enjoying whatever was planted beside the walk. :unsure: The doggo is intrigued by the strange beast that is beyond the fence.
Nice buck David. At that range, keep in mind that your bullet will be low by approximately 1.5"

got a few more good bucks , it looks like a couple are getting frisky . one looks to be stretching licking , another pic sequence looked like a dominant buck put the chase on a very decent buck . had a couple bear go by , one had to adjust that camera .

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Great compilation, Jim. Love the porcupine!
Just a couple of mixed bag. Unicorn has a friend. The doe isn’t impressed with the turkeys by her expression. There is 5 bear in that picture just have to look hard. Real easy to spot when flipping through the pics.