food plots

Here are the other two food plots...



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I tilled up 3 sub food plots, a late fall/winter mix if you will, yesterday. Seeded today and rolled so it's ready for tomorrow's rain.
The deer were all over the freshly tilled earth last night. They always seem to do that.

I see they are helping you pack the seed into the ground.
it looks like the no-till is working for us . there is a slight green look to the food plot . when we went in looking around there is stuff coming up . in some places it's coming good , in others it's skimpy . this would be about 10 days since we planted .

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this food plot was looking a little rough . we put some fertalizer on it , and looks to be perked up again .


pumpkin patch seems to be doing well . here and there the deer are feeding on the leaves .

in close to the pumpkin patch, Sally found another bone .
it's starting to look like our fawn survival rate is not good .

A meal fit for kings! Following a day of investment, it is undoubtedly a well-earned reward.
Hard to find good help these days.. He's always napping on the job:rolleyes:

He is a rip though. Kid loves anything with a motor, tracks, tires, etc..
That is a great pic, man. You are blessed with three great children.
you guys dirt looks like potting soil compared to what we have . our better fields were covered in sludge , when the coal job was finished , about 35 years ago . the latter fields from the coal job did not get sludge. I hate to say it , but the sludge fields do grow better , a lot better .
we put in 3 more food plots yesterday . these are on the smaller side . I didn't get any pics . I don't know the sizes ., I'll guess around 40 x 100 each . here are two of the seed bags we planted . we also planted rye , it was in a plain white burlap bag .

P8200603.JPG P8200604.JPG

we put out the last of our minerals too . we've been putting out minerals the beginning of each month . with hunting season about six weeks away , yesterday we gave the final dose for the year . here is the mineral supplement we've been using . it takes 3 buckets of mineral to freshen up our sites .

P8200600.JPG P8200601.JPG P8200602.JPG
Hard to find good help these days.. He's always napping on the job:rolleyes:

He is a rip though. Kid loves anything with a motor, tracks, tires, etc..
That's an awesome picture Scotty. Don't blink, you will be the one knapping while your son runs the tractor.

The growing conditions are pretty good right now. Checked on the fall food plots that I seeded last week they are starting to sprout.
In all three pictures, you can see the blinds.



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