2020 Hunting Pictures

Now, that appears to have been a pleasant morning. I certainly admire your workmanship on the calls. Beautiful, all the way around.
That is one beautiful call you have there. Looks like you are into the turkeys. Keep at it and a long beard will show up.

I went out this past weekend to try to fill my turkey tag. I called in some Jake's on Saturday and had a big Tom strutting his stuff for some hens. I got one hen to come close but the others moved on. Sunday morning I called in a bearded hen. Then I saw a Tom in another food plot 200 yards away. I called and he went into strut. He had a hen who was starting to head my way but than disappeared. The Tom started to go back where he came from but I lit him up with some calling. He came in to about 100 yards and stopped and looked around. Then he went into the woods and along the marsh. He covered 60 yards pretty quick and popped out right in front of me looking for the hen he had heard. At 35 yards, and the red dot on his head, I sent a Winchester Long Beard 1 3/4 oz #5's on it way. The big Tom folded right there. He has an 11.0" beard and 1.5" spurs.



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Thanks guys. That call has talked a bunch of gobblers into making their last mistake. Nice job JD!! I couldn’t get to the pastures where I want to hunt because the creek was too high to cross so I had to hunt the ridge above it..I could hear them gobbling down in the pastures, but couldn’t get them to come up the hill.

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Superb account Jim! Lovely bird. Man, that makes me want to move to Michigan just to tag one of those birds.
Hunter, that is a beautiful call. Beautiful craftsmanship.

Jim, that is a fantastic tom. Congratulations on a good hunt with great calling.

The Turkeymobile is a wonderful new addition to our hunting efforts. I used it this morning to help me bag this long beard from the shooting hut.

The turkeys were roosted between the dug road that goes up to the shooting hut and the field above it. One tom was very near to where the dug road comes out into the field. I walked right underneath it. The other tom was 100 yards to the west of where the road comes out into the field. The two toms flew down first right into the middle of the field. They both had long beards but from the body language I figured this one was the dominant bird.

They didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere soon. But whenever they took a few steps away from me I would cluck on the slate call. That would stop and turn them. After a few minutes it looked like they might walk down into the woods or away from me so I did just a few soft yelps on the slate call. They stopped again and was looking around. I made a couple more soft yelps and they started slowly heading east. Then they saw the decoys. They started making a bee line toward them. I put down the call and picked up the shotgun. They got within about 30 or 35 yards before I had a shot I wanted to take on the boss bird.

After I shot the boss bird the other tom walked completely around the shooting hut and came back to the decoys. About that time three hens come out of the woods about half way towards the west end of the field. That must have been what the toms were waiting for until they saw the decoys. I think between my calling and the decoys, I tricked the toms into coming my way instead of waiting for the hens to fly down.





Excellent job, Dan. Fine looking bird and a good use of the Turkeymobile. You've justified the effort to prepare the transport. (y)
Dan, congratulations on a really nice Tom! The Turkeymobile is a great way to get around on the farm.

Had a great dove opener with my dad and son. It was my sons first time out and he got his first dove on 9/10/20.


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Great to see the tradition being handed down. Congratulations to your son on his first dove.
My daughter Danielle scored on a 9 pt buck with her x-bow and a Muzzy 100 gr. broadhead at 12 yards. I'm very proud of her and her woodsmanship skills. Not only did she wait for the buck to present a good shot angle up close and personal, she made a perfect shot aiming for the exit wound and then inspected the arrow and followed the blood trail to the end. Danielle did an awesome job!



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Way to go Danielle! She is following in the footsteps of her dad, that's for sure.
Really like seeing the young ladies getting involved like this. Well done.

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I love seeing families hunting together, especially fathers and daughters. I have two daughters, one likes to shoot, but the youngest one likes to hunt as well. Waiting for deer season.
Nice going!
My 2020 bull. Spotted him following a cow about 1km from where we were glassing. Made a stock and got to about 100 yards from where we seen him. Luckily he was still there in the tucks so made a couple calls and he came right out where I took him at 57 yards.

Browning X-Bolt 7mm-08rem
140gr Partition
57 yards