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Nov 4, 2004
Post your 2020 Hunting Pictures here.
Good Luck to all this season!

We had a pretty good hunt down in UT again this year. We got down there at midnight on Wed. and were up 6am. We drove down to the area we shot our elk at in 2017 and notice a lot less snow than we expected. We only saw deer and decided to check out a new area to try and find some elk. We hiked in a different access road about a mile and as we took a break I glassed a group of elk near the top of the ridge. I ranged them at 1707yds. It was a pretty arduous hike to get to them. There was 4-16" of snow and a steep hill but we got to 220yds. It was 1pm by the time we shot them. We boned them out and relayed the first load about 2/3 of the way down and went back to get the second load. By the time we got back to the meat it was 5:15pm and 6pm by the time we got to the truck. After some recoup time we headed back up. This time the fish and game opened the gate so we could take the 4 wheeler up to the base of the hill. The officer waited for the collar that was on mine too. By the time we got the last load to the truck and had everything loaded it was 8pm. After a Burger King gourmet meal we headed home and rolled in a 1:50am this morning. I'm worn out, sore, and tired but I'd do it again tomorrow if I had another tag. :grin:


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Beautiful Grizzly bear David, congratulations!

Killed this sow javelina today with my Remington M 700 .22/250. I used a Sierra 50 grain Blitz King.

Now you're talking. What's the season on those porkers? Or is there one in NM?
Dr. Mike the javelina season I drew for is February 1st-March 1st. New Mexico also has a javelina season that is January 1st-31st,which I am going to put in for this spring. Almost all javelina tags are a draw with some OTC.
Busted up 8pt I killed on new years day. Used 9.3x62 with norma 230 grain ecostrike. And wild pig few days later with same rifle and ammo.

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Calves are starting to hit the ground here. Old Wiley poked his nose where it didn’t belong.

Ruger M77 Hawkeye .22-250 with 55 grain Sierra Gameking handloads. About a 100 yard shot.


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Went coyote calling yesterday...

This one was killed at about 12 yards from where I was sitting as it trotted in.


Remington M 700 .22/250 using 50 grain Sierra Blitz King's.
Love seeing all the coyotes dropped by each of you who hunt them.
I had one of the best shooting days of my life Super Bowl Sunday! Was playing around at the range with my 22 Creed before the big game and things were going very well in a slight wind all the way out to the 1K gong. I was feeling pretty good about life.

I decided before the game to go check on a cow that had died a few days before and see if I could shoot a coyote off of it. Got to a glassing spot and found a large male on its way to get a meal. I snuck up and got set up at 411 yards and sent a 95gr SMK his way. I heard the bullet hit, saw him spinning around and then lost him in a sand dune. I watched for a few minutes and never saw him come out the other side. This was a pretty big dog and I wanted a picture so I walked over there. While I was looking for him, I found 4 more coyotes bedded down about 3/4 mile out. At that time I received a text from my wife instructing me that play time was over and that I better get home and get to cooking. But, there was 4 of them just laying there! I was able to sneak into about 609 yards, picked one out that was laying in a manner where I had a front chest shot. I dialed up, held 1.5 MOA left for the breeze and let another 95gr SMK fly. I was able to watch the bullet impact him square in the chest and roll him over. I was very excited, that was a pretty small target and I nailed it! I was packing up to get home when I saw another dog pop up in the bottom of the canyon. He was 315 yards, I dialed him up and sent a 3rd 95gr SMK. He took off running. I watched him run into a dip and not come out. At this point, I wanted a pic of the 609 dog. so I walked down to where I lost sight of the 315 dog. The shot was perfect, but didn't appear to open up much.

I took a few pics and headed to the 609 dog for additional pics. I called my wife to fill her in and while I was on the phone, I spotted a 4th dog. I got off the phone and ranged him. 408, dial, shoot, dead. At this point I'm walking on cloud 9. I look across the canyon and see a 5th coyote on the opposite of the canyon. 369, dial, shoot, and he runs like hell. I grabbed my binos and watched as he ran off. I was starting to get upset at myself for wrecking my chance at going 5 for 5. He made it about 100 yards, stumbled and fell over dead. At this point I have no more bullets, and float home to cook goodies for the big game.

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Holy smokes Jake! That’s damned cool. Great shooting buddy. That 22 Creed is a demon!
That is one phenomenal story that just has to get better each time you tell it. No exaggeration; just whack 'em and stack 'em. Fine shooting and a real service to the ungulate population.