Grizzly/Brown bear bullet, .375 H&H ?

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
I've shot three black bears with my .375 H&H, using the 260 gr Nosler AccuBond and am quite pleased with its performance.

Looks like I may be able to hunt grizzly sometime in the not too distant future.

I've got a few of the 260 Accubonds left.

A lot of old 270 gr Nosler Partitions (yes, 270 grs)

Quite a few 300 gr Nosler Partitions (old and new)

A fair number of 270 & 300 gr Hornady spire point & round nose bullets.

Also fewer than 50 of the 285 gr Speer Grand Slam (old ones)

Any bad choices there?

Thanks, Guy
If Griz was on the menu, I'd carry that .375 and a belt-ful of 300 gr. Nosler partitions. That way I'd feel welcome in any kind of hunting country.
No bad choices, Guy. You are well prepared with any of those bullets. I'm comfortable with grizzly with the 250 grain AB in my 9.3X64.
Well I used the 260 gr AB grizzly hunting, shot one and "assisted" on another and came back with no holes in my hide :)

There are no bad choices in the bullets you have but I would look at the 270 gr Partition or 285 gr Speer G.S. first. The good old 300 gr Partition would obviously work well at the closer ranges. Splitting hairs here but you could use the first two in more open country hunting (most grizzly hunting or bears on the tide flats) and save those 300's if you hunt salmon spawning streams in the fall where the bush is thick. In reality any of them would work well in any situation.
The 260 AccuBond or 270 TSX would be my choice. Remember griz are generally much smaller than coastal brownies. Anything over 500-600 pounds is pretty big. The 260 AccuBond will give plenty of penetration.

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I don't think there are any "bad" bullets for the 375 H&H. I would go with those 270gr partitions (unless the 270gr Hornadys or Speers shot noticeably better) just for a little more reach over the 300s.
I agree with the others that any one of your choices would work well. The 270 gr PT would be my first pick provided it shot well.

There are no bad choices in there Guy. I have shot the 270 Hornady at 3170 fps at a bull elk at 10 yards through both shoulders. I suspect it will do just fine at 2650 fps 500 fps below my velocity. See here ... st10887167

That said you can opt for the NP which to me is a failsafe
Those 270 PTs deserve to hunt Guy... That's traditional sorta killing right there!
Yeah - I suspect that those would be bear-whompers... I've never shot any of those, but have never had any trouble getting a 270 gr bullet up to 2700 feet per second with the .375 Number One.

They're a pretty blunt bullet - sort of a semi-spitzer profile. No idea the BC, they're long since out of production, but if they shoot well, I won't have any trouble with their drop out to 300 yards. Pretty sure of that.

If I don't use those old 270 gr Partitions for big bear... What the heck will I do with them? :mrgreen:

That's what I'm thinking too. Those 270 PTs were a pretty danged sought after Bullet from what I read. I'd heard Nosler stopped making .375 bullets for a little while and those suckers were being traded pretty heavily.